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As I have now received my prescription card, I spoke to my pharmarcy about having my repeat prescription collected from doctors and they said they would deliver the prescription in the afternoon to my home.

I've looked at the surgery on line as there is no link to set up this service. I proceeded to look for the pharmacy chain website and they in deed offer the service. I am not sure that if I set up via this website or I must inform the doctors and set it up manually with the doctors? How do the pharmacy know when I have ordered a repeat prescription (which I currently order on line via the surgery website)?

Does any body use this service and if so, how reliable is it? Also I am not understanding fully how this servie works????

Cheers Sci

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Hi Sci, did you fill in a form and sign it?

Your pharmacist has a record of your prescription on computer so when it's due it would flag up. They put in a request to your gp then collect and fill the prescription ready for delivery.

When they deliver it you have to tick what you'll need the next month then when due they request it from the doctor and that's the process each month.

Hope this helps.

Beth xx


Hi Beth

I did not fill in any forms. Pharmacist entered details on their puter and she took my preprescription card number also. Pharmacist said that I had to enter details on line also, I presumed she meant the surgery website? to say I allocated them? But i cannot find a link. I may have to call them tomorrow.

Cheers Sci xxx


Oh sorry then Sci, it must be different to my local pharmacist. At mine we fill a form in sign it and that gives them permission to contact the GP and collect prescriptions on your behalf.

Hope you get it sorted out.

Beth x


They got mine in such a muddle i stopped it i now have mine taken up to the docs and then get it from boots 7 days later




Want to see how it works, if it works - if that make sense?

Thanks I will bear that in mind. I'll let you know how I get on, if I can organise it that is.

Cheers Sci x


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