16 hours of sleep

16 hours of sleep

How is it possible that my body now requires 16 hours sleep a day! Last week was doing 16 hour days and Friday came, day off for me, and suddenly 16 hours of sleep is the only way I can get through the weekend.........and now it is Monday and I need my body to give me 8 hours work and 5 to do other things, grab the caffeine when I get up. Strange how exhaustion has now become a way of life...one day, just one day it will be better.

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  • 16 hour days would kill most people , too much for a RA sufferer??!! how about eight as a maximum

  • Oh how I wish summer.. I desperately need to find a way to cut back on these weeks. This week I am working from home so should be easier but I am the breadwinner. And yes you are right 16 hours is too much for anyone and now I am realising the toll it is taking on the rest of my life. Well Monday is here and new week...will let you know x

  • When I was diagnosed I was working 12 hour days, 5 or 6 days a week. In fact I blame the stress of work for triggering RA. And I couldn't do anything else but work as that wiped me out. Anyway, since I radically changed my life I have got the RA under control. Poorer (lots) but healthier, and not in constant pain. I really don't think I'd have managed it if I kept on working as I had been. Really do talk you your family about whether big changes could be made, and you could manage with less bread winning....Polly

  • You need to work less, or things will probably just get worse. Try and change your lifestyle a bit. Bit less work, bit less money, with luck, a lot less pain.

    Good luck, hope things ease off.

  • Katie i can understand where your coming from and i feel for you i really do,i used to work 40hrs a wek untio i got made redundant just over 3yrs ago and i wish oh how i wish i could be like that again.

    All i will add is watch yourself as being the breadwinner doesn't take too much out of you. If the housework is a problem either get your family to do or get a cleaner as you can't do both my friend and remember as my dear old mum used to say "the dusting and hoovering will still be there long after your dead so don't worry about it" xxxxx

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