A good night's sleep... Yeah!

Thought I'd share this as others may find it useful.... I found and tried a iTunes meditation by Belleruth Naparstek called 'A guide meditation to help with your rheumatoid arthritis or lupus' . I played it on repeat wilst going to sleep and I've slept the best I have slept since about Easter. Has the crappy fatigue gone I hear you cry.... alas no but a definite improvement knowing that I actually slept through about six hours uninterrupted a can/will do so again.

I've also bought my far infrared mat and it's on my bed under a sheet. I put it on low for an hour or two and find it's gentle warmth comforting. I got my mat from a firm called Get Fitt (Mark was very helpful) and, because I couldn't afford the full bed one, I got the foot warmer/body wrap combo and instead of wearing the body wrap I have layed it on my bed. I have found the combination of the gentle warmth and the meditation very nurturing and some how cocooning.

Here's hoping that we don't just survive with RA and all that it brings but get to live with RA being a small part of our diverse life experiences.

With 'warmth and peace'


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  • I'm glad u find some useful things but you should not name companies here I think.

  • I think it's very useful for people to identify products which helped them & the names of the companies which supply them.....think we can sort the wheat from the chaff!

  • I know I apologised, cheers x

  • Hi,

    Point taken Allanah (and the why for proven by ahujavishvas responses here and on subsequent post,!!).

    What can I tell you other than I'm new at this 'thing' called blogging/posting so will undoubtedly make mistakes... as for the RA thing pretty darn new at that and trying (probably too hard) to find ways of easing things until the meds start to do their thang... Got confirmation of my RA diagnosis on the 8th sept 2014 along with a shot of steroids in my butt and some methotrexate pills, pain killers and folic acid..... informed work the same day of the confirmation via email and got an email back giving me a date (19th sept) to tun up at OH with med details, blood test details and info of what's 'normal' etc to be assessed to see if I'm fit for work and that hurts more than any joint pain, dry sensitive eyes or chronic fatigue! I've only been off sick since the first of this month... May be some one out there is peddling a cure for blatant in-compassionate ignorance!!!

    Catch you some time


  • Lol ye soz! Sometimes people do try on here to " sell" and after a while " selling Sunday" becomes boring but then the trouble is there are honest folks telling you what works for them so sorry for being a grump!! You should tell nras cos they add loads of tips in their members magasine and they might print yours!! I would recommend joining nras now you have found out what's wrong and when your feeling better maybe come to one of the conference days or support group sessions cos I find that really helpful and you meet lovely folk, they r not all Victor Meldrews like me !!! I am going to the Leeds conference this Friday and looking forward to it!

    I too like meditation and as my friend runs a class she helps me, my mind foes wander but she pulls me back. Anyway warm hugs in your lovely comfy bed xxxxA

  • Hey,

    Allanah rest assured you were not grumpy.... To the point but not grumpy! I joined NRAS two days ago and have all my stuff (they are very efficient!). I think part of the problem is I have not visited the various 'stages' of trauma ( which such a diagnosis is classed as) but gone straight to 'acceptance' mode on the outside and avidly gathering info and ideas based on the premises of "I've got this thing called RA get on with it" but in the background lies 'fear' ... fear of the disease, fear of the treatment and fear for my future and then 'depression' is waiting... seeing the counsellor tomorrow.... Let the feelings flow!!!!

    Catch you soon


  • Ali, get all the help you feel you need to help you cope. I was very fortunate in that my Consultant didn't just take time to explain what was wrong but also gave me valuable recommendations for reliable websites if I felt I needed to read up further at home. I still use them over 6 years later, partly to keep up to speed & basically because I'm not over confident in the system here & only seeing a Rheumy once yearly rather than 4 times a year. My initial appointment was 1.5 hours so you can imagine my head was spinning! Was I ever grateful my h came along!! Unfortunately many newly diagnosed don't appear to have the same luxury of time with their Rheumy I had so grab all you can when offered, it'll help you no end & hopefully those many fears should dissipate.

    Once you're past the shock of it all & you become better controlled you'll start to live your life again, just with rd trailing alongside. You'll adapt to it's demands & learn to listen to your body, promise.....or as near as we can lol!

  • Good ! I hot SO much help from my counsellor , I didn't want to go but was convinced by my rhemh murse and it changed my whole outlook. Yes it's ok to be brave and positive on the outside but don't let the inside feelings get to you, I find stress and worry really makes my RA worse.

    I like you started to get info straight away cos I like to know how I am honna be treated and what the problems or good points of it are I also pretty much plagued the Nras helpline for ages and they were amazing, I could even phone them more than one time if I needed which I thought was above the call of duty.

    Good luck tomorrow I will be thinking of you. Take tissues ! Lol! But the crying for me was so ... Cleansing . I am off for radiotherapy on non mslignant lumps so let me know how you get on x

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