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Elbow Pain


I’m getting quite a bit of pain in both my elbows on the bone on the inner side and am wondering whether this could be part of my RA. Does anybody else suffer with this ?

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Yes unfortunately this is a sign of inflammation

Nanabrodie in reply to J1707

Thank you for replying

Yes I've had flare ups on elbows, inside and the outside too. Usually as part of a bigger flare. I hope you get some relief soon.

Nanabrodie in reply to sunnyweek

Thank you. Sometimes I don’t realise it’s there until I lean on my elbows and the pain is so sharp it takes my breath away. Other times I can feel it especially when doing chores, ironing etc.

sunnyweek in reply to Nanabrodie

Yes I agree it's a sharp pain and a very tender spot when you catch it wrong. It may be short lived hopefully but if it moves to other joints you might need some extra medication, a pain killer or anti inflam for a day or two. Don't lie on it tonight if you can help it.

Yes one of my first signs went up to shoulders then wrists. Elbows sore at moment but shoulders and wrists not too shabby 😔

Fraid so: thought I’d overdone it in garden. I find it hard to extend r arm but nothing like full blown flare, had it about 6 months & left a bit stiff now too. I am on 3rd drug benepali & best so far in terms of side effects so really, really don’t want another change.

Hi Nanabrodie, I too suffer with this and unfortunately it is part of RA. At the moment my neck, shoulders, elbows, and hands are taking a right battering, I’m also getting a lot of muscle & bone pain too. Hope it settles soon, take care 🤗X

Thank you everyone for replying it helps to know what I’m dealing with . I’m frightened of putting every pain I feel down to RA when it could be just age related 😕. Can’t take anti inflammatories as am on anticoagulants so it has to be paracetamol or codiene.

KittyJ in reply to Nanabrodie

It could well be age related Nanabrodie, I’d talk to your rheumy about it as they can then tell you which it is and suggest some treatment 😊

Nanabrodie in reply to KittyJ

Thank you


I have this too. But my rheumatology dr said it wasn’t a flare up and it didn’t show an increase in my RD

The joints in my fingers have been an absolute bugger this past week so I’m going to contact the nurse as I think I get better advice from them

Hope you get sorted soon

Wooow...Reading all your posts made me realize that the elbow & knee popping pain is due to my RA, also i did experience deafness for 1 month in 1 ear SMDH. Well after talking to my Doc....she recommended CIMZIA .

Cimzia put my RA into remission & it's loke I'm a new person now @ age 42. Swelling in my hands are like hone & my back pain too. So I'm I'm feeling good for now and taking full advantage of doing things. Wishing everyone good health on here remember to always stretch & exercise...I'm about to join a gym and go easy. Good Luck

J1707 in reply to alexieus543

Delighted your feeling so well long may it continue

yes me too

an old thread and you've probably moved on but...I get in both but mostly in the right which, hurts all the time and often feels hot. Lately though, I have been getting sudden sharp and achey pains in both equally. Also short lived but horrible. i get something similar in my wrists; on the top, sides and underneath. Hope you have managed to find something to help over the last 6 months!

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