My daughter is showing first spots of chicken pox, I'm on mxt and enbrel?

Hello again,

I have done a search on previous post regarding shangles/chicken pox but problem is that there is no avoiding her! I am not showing any symptoms whatsoever but from what I understand is that enbrel can mask this.

I will ring RA nurse tomorrow but sometimes it takes a few days for a reply, I am also due to take my mxt today and wonder should I delay it?

any advice? thanks :)

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  • Hi Williby, I take Leflunomide and when I came into contact with chicken pox I rang my GP, he contacted the hospital and they arranged for me to go up and have my blood checked for antibodies it only took a few hours for results. I was fine but if not I'd have been given anti-VZV Immunoglobulin; this would be sourced via the Public Health Laboratory.

    You need to ensure your own health so give the GP a call.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Beth, thats good, I didn't realise they could check for the anti-bodies, thought i'd have to wait and see if I became ill and more concerned I'd need to stop my Enbrel.... I'll ring in the morning

    many thanks x

  • Hi Wiliby, sorry to hear your news and hope your daughter will be better soon. Your own health can be compromised as you are on MTX and the blurb that comes with it warns against close contact with someone who has it.

    Is there anyone who can look after your daughter until she is over the infectious stage? Grand ma or someone?

    Telephone your GP in the morning so that he can arrange for tests to be done and he can then monitor you as well. If you find any strange sensations, or rashes or something unusual to you, get to your GP or the hospital immediately and tell the Hospital you are on MTX. They will then know what to do. LavendarLady x

  • PS yes do take your MTX otherwise your RA could flare which would leave you in a worst state than before. LL

  • The magic drug required is an anti viral called aciclovir.. contact gp or rheum team asap.. chicken pox could be very serious if you contract it on your medication, In the meantime try to avoid skin to skin contact and regular hand washing is essential. try to get hubbie to help with little one.

  • The anti viral aciclovir can be used whether you have anti bodies or not ,I contracted chicken pox when I was about 30 and If I hadnt been given the anti viral I could have been very poorly.. the immunoglobin that Beth describes is not used very often.

  • hi there.

    I was on MTX when both of my children had chickenpox. I contacted my nurse as I hadn't had chicken pox myself.

    I was told that if I was going to have contracted chickenpox would have done so by the time the first spots appeared, so to sit tight and see what would happen and if I didn't show any symptoms to go back and they'd be able to give me the virus antidotes, however I was absolutely fine and didn't get spotty.

    Good luck


  • thanks all, I haven't rang GP yet, she has a runny nose, 3 spots, blistery like chicken pox but she has developed anymore over night, think I'll take her to nurse to check out first, I could be over reacting! :)

    will keep you posted :) x

  • hi Wiliby, hope you get some news soon - it may not be chickenpox after all. Here's hoping. When my grand daughter had it, I had been in contact with her (I had chickenpox as a child) but I didn't get any reaction or any problems such as spots. Did tell my GP next time I saw her but she wasn't worried as I hadn't had any effects. LavendarLady x

  • It could be hand foot and mouth diease that all presents as blisters.. it is going around at the moment x

  • never thought of that, she hasn't got any worse over night, I now have swollen glands sore head ect but no fever, maybe/hopefully we just a bug...

    it's tricky trying not to analyse every cough sneeze or spot!! x

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