Thanks for all the feedback on my first blog "Knees and ankles"

Thanks to everybody who responded to my blog.

Another thing I have learned is that persistence pays off. With hospital resources scarce you have to ask for things. After reading on the NRAS site about the care team I should have, the specialist nurse responded quite well. I asked for the various services that should be available to me. I have now seen a podiatrist, an OT nurse and am scheduled to have hydro therapy. Don't take no for an answer, if you feel there is something you could benefit from, demand it! Once they know you mean business they respond very well. Be positive.

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Very true Willyb, you do have to be persistent sometimes. There is a lot of help out there you just sometimes have to ask for it.

As they say don't suffer in silence.

Glad we could all help in someway.

mand xx


yes we are having to fight our own battles all to often


You have inspired me to ask about these things too at my next appointment. I never knew we could access these services. Thank you.



Good for you. Go for it. Good luck!


Yes you are so right. Well done for standing up and saying what you want.


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