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Tonight is the night that I take my first dose of MTX


Well after the last 6 months of wanting to try mtx to control this RA, my wish has come true. My bloodwork is done, all I need to do is get my nerve up to swallow these 4 pills.

So why am I hesitating?.... I think I've been placing all my hopes on MTX being the drug to give me my life back...what if it doesn't work?

The hydroxy and sulfa has helped my RA, but not enough as my hands and knees are still swollen and painful. The low dose prednison made me crazy. I started to hear voices...very scary.

Oh well, I guess I just got to "bite the bullet'

Thanks for listening to me


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Thought this post was gonna be about something else!!!!

Good luck with the mtx and remember , be patient, it can take up to three month to get into the system and work xx

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Oh Allanah, you make me laugh. What did you think this post was going to be about?....romance? in the tune of Rod Stewart's "Kick your shoe's off and sit right down...loosen up that pretty french gown...." lol

I wish ;)


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L'amour darling! Love and peace xxx ps

Bath , painkillers , soft massage and tonight's the night lol !

Everybody reacts differently so just hope this is your 'one'. Farm

Hi Sue,

I recently started to take Methotrexate and so far so good. I take it with Hydroxychloroquine and side effects have been minimal. Due to up the dose in two weeks. Much better than I was. Hope it works well for you.


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Thanks for your response Anita. i've read the horror stories of the side effects, but i guess we are all different. Glad it is working for you with little side effects.


Let's hope this is the one for you.

You have possibly read all the posts on here that refer to mtx --some positive,some negative but we are all different,and react differently to certain drugs.

Personally I didn't get on with it,but then it has helped so many folk on here,and they have seen big improvements

.As allanah says it can take up to 3 months to feel the effects so give it time.

Good luck- hope all goes well,and that you soon feel the benefits of methotrexate.

All the best..



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Thank you Crusee. Sorry it didn't work for you.

Good luck! Its a great drug in my opinion. I have now moved on to bios and am feeling like you hoping so much this is going to be 'the one'.

Well I guess you know it's been great for me for 7 years so hoping the same for you Sue. x

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my fingers are much as they can be with the swelling lol

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Give it a good few weeks & you'll be doing it, your podgy fingers will be no more.

Hi Sue,

Good luck with the methotrexate. It worked great for me, for about 8 years. Don't forget the folic acid.

I am so wishing that this is the one for you! Let us know how it goes.


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Thank you karen. I hope I get a good response.


Dude you gain any weight with the Methotrexate??

I was started on it some years ago but was deeply apprehensive and distrustful. I set myself up to fail and blamed every tiny potential problem on it. 5 weeks later, I was so anxious that I refused to take any more but I've regretted it ever since. I actually don't think I had any problem with it at all. Taking it once weekly is so easy plus it's easy to tweak the dose if required. I wish you the very best of luck and persistence xx


Clareb67, I wasn't given the option for mtx and I begged my doctor for it. I have spent the last 2 years increasing my sulfa and taking hydroxy as my hands and knees continued to swell up.

Now I have the anxiety about taking it?...I've gotta give my head a shake. Just jitters I guess.

Hi Sue,

Good luck to you, i hope it works for you and you get the relief you need.

I'm just taking my 2nd dose tonight, so we're both charting new waters. Beer positive

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Hi Gwynedd,

Yes we are both charting new waters. I swallowed my dose an hour ago and I feel fine. I know side effects can take up to 24 hours, but I am more positive now.

We will get through this together Gwynedd!!!

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I'm virtually holding your hand 👭. Its good to know I'm not alone. Keep me posted as to how your getting on, I'll be cheering you on.

Sorry pressed reply before is finished 😂😂ooo this technology lark!

Stay positive and keep as healthy as you can. Xx

Hi hope it works for you I took my first biosomar yesterday Benepali and I was a bit nervous as well I'm staying on the mtx but dropping the sulfazalasine and hydroxocloroquine fingers crossed it does the job for you xxx

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Goodluck to you popsmith 1874!!!

it will work!! Give it time to settle in your body. It will take a little bit to get working. I have been on it for 4 years and I have not been sore or any flare ups! Just remember to take it when you need to. Right it down where you inject. Then you will become a pro and not need to write it down! GOOD luck.

Ohh yes don't forget the folic acid! Or else you will get sores on your mouth. They are painful!


I have the folic acid on my night table. I wont forget :) ..I hope

Darling it is just a little prick. I love your photo .xxxxxx

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Thanks Sylvi, I would love to say the photo is of my garden, but I would be lying. lol It was a garden I fell in love with at the New Westminister Quay along the Fraiser river.

Hi--- drinking lots and lots of water helps with side effects. Good luck ☺x

Dear Sue

I was on methotrexate since 2 years ago, after about 4 months, it started to work and the pain and the swell were reduced tremendously. Then every week when I took another dose of methotrexate, the paid and the swell were further reduced. Then I was basically looking forward to have another dose every week. I was also off prednisolone when the methotrexate started to work on me.

Therefore, just trust the methotrexate, it will work for you. Also, do remember not to take the folic acid on the day you take the methotrexate.

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Thanks Amylee for your response. It gives me hope to be pain free in a few months. I woke up this morning and I have a head ache. I feel like I have a major hangover....but Ihink I can handle this side effect.

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The headache may not be the side effect. It may due to the fact that the pain on your body causes many sleepless night hence you have the headache. Try to sleep early and get enough rest. I did fall into sleep during the day too because I could not sleep well at night due to the tremendous pain.

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Many report the day MTX after as like having a hangover Sue, I've always less energy & my appetite isn't brill. I think it's probably being a newly introduced med & I know you drink plenty of water but try to keep topped up, that helps. x

Good luck with it. Been on it 18 month plus sulpha and hydroxyI didnt think it was doing a lot. That is until I got a bad chest infection in June which upset the asthma. Missed four doses and boy I know now mtx was working.

Just try not to think about it too much with high hopes. A little at a time and I am sure you will see a difference. X

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Yes Moomie one day at a time :)

Wow I have just started on MTX. I will take what should be my 4th dose tomorrow. I spoiled my second while nurse was with me and she couldn't come to help again . My neighbour who is on same stuff sat with me to do 3rd and I did it ok. My problem is since I stopped Sulfasalazine I feel amazing swelling gone down, heart problems none at all, breathlessness stopped. No dizzyness or other awful side effects. I s this usual in such a short space of time I felt much better 2 days after stopping Sulfa and getting movement back all the time I can now touch my toes and dance with no problems at all. How long does it take for MTX to work????

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Wow Saskia15 feeling better after your 3rd dose of MTX!! My doctor said it takes about 4-8 doses before you notice your getting better. & Up to 6 months to feel it's full effects.

I'm doing the "Happy Dance" for you. I can not wait to do the "Happy Dance" for me.

Enjoy the new "You"


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No that was misleading. It was stopping the Sulfasalazine that sorted me I have had a rotten time on it. Saw my Rhuemy today and they said so too. I will have to stay on mtx at least 6 months to get full effect. I still feel great though and hope to go Ballroom dancing next week. I just love you guys so good to talk to people who understand.

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Sorry I misunderstood. I never had a problem with sulfa, I believe it has helped me some .....but you have made me think about the problems I developed after starting on hydroxy. I always believed hydroxy wasn't for me, even after being on it for almost 2 years.

I've got to talk to my doctor again..


Hello Sue

My hubby was scared of taking MTX on top of his Sulfasalazine. Then he was really gutted as he didn't feel instantly "better" and he does have side effects, usually nausea and utter tirednessfor a day or so. Nothing too major. All I can say is don't expect to instantly be leaping about, like hubby did. Think he's 9 weeks in now and the last few we have seen improvements. We go back to Hull on 23 Aug I think, so we'll be able to tell from the blood test if his inflammation is down. Sure it has to be. We just wish someone had explained it properly, but then again no-one has so far, most of the info I've gleaned is from NRAS and fellow bloggers!! Let us all know in the share circle how it's going!! Best wishes from another Sue (such a popular name) xxx


Hello another Sue,

I love this share circle that the NRAS has set up. I've learned so much about this disease. If it wasn't for this site, I would be devastated that the last 2 years of hydroxy and sulfa I've been on has only helped me a little.

I am so grateful that the NRAS has excepted, respected and have helped people with advice, who do not live in the UK. You people in the UK are truly lucky.


No what ifs! It has been amazing for me and it could be for you. Be positive but remember it won't happen overnight. It does take time to get enough into your system. Look forward to a better life. I really, really hope it works for you as it has for me. x

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Thank you SheliaG. I'm so glad mtx has given you your life back. I really hope it works for me. I can not wait for a better life :)

I had been on Sulfasalazine for 6 months. It worked well and brought my flare up way down in that time. The only reason I had to stop using it was the side effects my GP intervened and suggested to specialist that they try something else. I have a very low tolerance of any medication. Injections seem to work better for me.

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Oh how sad Saskia15 that you had to stop sulfasalazine. It doesn't seem fair that a drug that worked for you gave you bad side effects.

I've been on sulfa for 1 year with no side effects. I believed it slowed down my RA, but not enough to stop it.

I know we are all different, but it just doesn't seem fair.

I felt like that and I asked rheumy if I could have injections instead but he said the are not available.

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Where your sulfa pills the ones with the stomach protector? The sulfa pills with the letters "EC" on them have a stomach protecting coat on them.

Yes Sulfa pills were Enteric Coated. They give me all medication EC coated now even vit D Calcium. I Have been on Metoject pen for 4 weeks now and felt well until yesterday. I now feel strange and loosing my balance my head is fuzzy too. Could this be side effects I don't see rheumy until September now?

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Yes Sasla 15 those are side effects. I was told to notify my GP if I was loosing my balance. If you can't get ahold of your doctor, please go to the ER and get it checked out. It might be easily sorted out with an increase of folic acid. Keep me imformed

just replied to you on last email. I have just read this now . I will contact my GP tomorow and see what they say. Thank you I thought it was me being over sensitive.

Hi I did see my GP and he told me get bloods done and he would phone me next week. I was contacted today by my Rheumy Nurse. Must stop MTX and take folic acid for the next 3 weeks . I will see her in 3 weeks and we will talk about where I go from here. Thanks for your support x

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I'm glad you went to your doctor. I just took my 3rd dose of mtx and I am paying close attention to how I am managing it. Hopefully you'll get sorted out in 3 weeks.

Please keep us updated.

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