Morning All!

Morning All!

Up again in the wee small hours this morning. So..decided to go back and watch old episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders and the newer series of Miranda.

I swear these loony wonderful ladies should be on free prescriptions! I have laughed my bed socks off this morning! Hehe.

I did something yesterday ....went a bit mad really. You see, I have been looking at, and admiring a wonderful 'sofa chair'. Yes a sofa chair! I didn't know they existed. Anyhooo. This thing is twice as wide as a regular armchair, deep and quite luxurious, Chenille type upholstery AND it folds out into a bed! Really well made. Perfect for me and my lounge (which is quite tiny).

Well before the sales it was errr very expensive. Well as I perused the store online (something I do often just to look and sigh over things) ;) sofa chair was there, but it was in the sale! Imagine my excitement. So I bought it after a friend took me to the shop so I could see it in real life, so to speak. Now I have to wait for a couple of weeks while its being made.

Perfect! Ill be able to relax or even doze off in my lounge without my legs hanging over the end of my current couch (two seater which is all I can get in my lounge) well plus one small chair. I call the flat I live in 'the rabbit hutch'. So you can imagine how small it is...then again maybe not. Small is being generous hahahaha.

So thats the story of the sofa chair.

Hope everyone has as good a day as they can.


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  • That looks so lush and squidgy I bet you can't wait for it to arrive.

    Keep smiling and gentle hugs


  • Waves...hello Sue good to meet you! :) You say squidgy too!! hehe.

    Take care now. X

  • love that sofa . have a bigger one similar deisgn now about five/ six years old similar fabric and col from laura shley £500 it was originally £100 pre sale.

    Canyou tell me were you got yours cos it would go with my other sofa and replace a smaller two settee which isnt a comfy!! every one even my cats prefer the comfy laura ashley one and as it isnt made any more I am eyeing up yours as a potential new purchase.

  • Hi summer. Not sure where you live, but this one is from a specialist furnishers here in Bristol. If you pop 'Park Furnishers Bristol' in your search engine it should come up. The chair is from the Strasbourg collection. The one disadvantage is they don't give you prices online, but will if you call them. Hope thats some help to you.

    Take care now. X

  • now thats what you call a seat looks brill

  • Hello minka. Good to meet you. yes its all squidgy and so comfy. Can hardly wait for it to be delivered. You take care now. :)

  • I live aboutt 30 miles north or so up the m5 xx

  • will google site, thanks they will prob dedliver up to 30 miles. if not my present partner has a a small van ( heating/ plumbing and home maint business)

  • They do deliver free within 25 miles i know. :) And they use their own delivery teams who will place it where you want it and set it all up for you.

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