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I thought I'd share a lesson I've learned today. I had a blood test at the beginning of the week, and my super efficient GP had the receptionist phone me up to tell me that the blood results necessitated a GP appointment. This was tea-time, she couldnt tell me more. So I got an appointment for 9am and am having the bloods re-tested, and its something I knew about already.

What lesson I've taken from this - if you do sometimes have strange blood results its not a bad idea to book a GP appointment in advance as a follow up for when they're due.

I'm lucky because my GPs quite a big practice and you can usually get an appointment straight away. But not everyone is, and this might mean you dont need to wait unnecessarily.


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  • I hope everything is ok Cathie. x

  • So do I! Don't want to go into details here, but wish I'd thought to book appt in advance like this - it's something they're watching. I'm lucky really to have such conscientious gps. Hope you're well


  • Thanks Cathie my gp surgery is USELESS.I'd never get the same treatment as you damn! Hope everything is ok with you re the bloodsX

  • Already on that case Cathie. If i want to see my GP i have to wait six weeks mind he has been on his holidays. Truly hope all is okay with you xxx

  • At least you have a GP - I had a named GP in a large practice & when I phoned for an appointment last week I was told she had left...when I asked who I should now regard as "my GP" all I got got was a blank stare! Same thing happened with my dentist. I wonder if the NHS is really falling apart? Do you think I am being unreasonable to expect to have been told

    I no longer have a doctor or dentist?

  • Have you seen the article about GPs in London in today's Guardian (G2), it made my blood run cold. I'm in Edinburgh and there's much less privatisation here. So far

  • Thanks for your kind concern everyone. All is OK, but I know there's some values they're watching and it makes sense to book a doctors appt well in advance. We need to be superorganised to have chronic illnesses dont we.

    Incidentally I always ask for a printout of the blood results, and here (sorry- in Edinburgh) they do it without question. It does help - shared care and all that.

  • What good forward thinking Cathie - your post has reminded me that I never went back to see the GP after some recent blood tests. I went home to consult with my diary as to when I was free, looked at the online booking system, couldn't find a suitable time then it fell out of my mind completely! - mind you my drs would phone if they needed to see me so all must be acceptable.

    Hope this turns out ok for you:-}

    Cece x

  • Yes, I have found its a good idea to ask when they are due back and make an appointment then, though our surgery is usually great and can fit you in at very short notice. Its always somehow a bit more satisfying to get the results in person rather than over the phone as well.

  • Thinking of you whilst you wait x

  • Oh please don't! It's just a routine matter to do with the effects of mtx and can be corrected. I'm not waiting for anything, but just wanted to share with people that if they think there might be something to be queried its a good idea to book followup appointment well in advance to save worrying phone calls at tea time. Thanks for your kind thoughts though!

  • Thank you Cathie for that timely reminder. Especially with Christmas looming closer. Better to get any outstanding problems out of the way before that arrives. Hope things are sorted out for you soon. xx

  • Good! Alls well here

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