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Good Morning Everybody, I would like to get a few opinions from you guys. I have RA, Fibro, plus a few other health issues. I suffered a heart attack a yr ago. I am 53 yrs old. A wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister. Sometimes I feel stretched to the limit. I have a lot of pain. Anyway, my question is: In the mornings I seem to wake up in alot of pain, I reach for a pain pill. I wonder if I depend to much on the med? My rheumy says that I am dependant on med, but addition is where you take to get "high". I might take 2 a day, on bad days I will take 3. Does anyone else have this "guilt"? The meds do not knock me out, but they do help with the pain. I take humira, mtx inj., cymbalta.

Usually I try to be positive, but this has been on my mind for a couple of days. I would really love your opinions. What is your best way to cope with the pain? I have be dxd with RA for over 11 yrs. Thanks friends. May you all have a wonderfully blessed day. God Bless Linda

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hi linda, yes i'm in pain first thing in the morning. On a bad night i take pain meds during the night. I leave a four hour gap between each dosage. I sometimes feel like throwing them in the dustbin. Yes we are dependant on these drugs,but what will we be like without them. Don't feel guilt because you need them. If the pills work i say take them. Somedays it is hard to stay positive,yesterday i was like that,today i feel brighter even though the pain hasn't gone. I have ra and fibro as well so the drugs keep me going. Don't know if this helps you any.

Best wishes sylvi. xx


Thanks Sylvi, I guess we are allowed to feel bad and feel sorry for ourselves once in awhile. I try to leave a 6 hr gap between mine, though there have been times when it was only 4 or 5 hrs.

have a wonderful day. Linda


Hi Linda

There is a huge difference between dependance and addiction, anyone who takes medication on a regular basis for a on going condition will be dependant on them, a addiction is when you take the drugs without needing them but just simply for the effect. I am dependant on my pain relief (as are most of us) and if you take them as prescribed and don't go over that amount then you are fine. Also a lot of our pain relieving drugs such as co-codamol are specifically designed to give greater pain relief if taken regularily (ie not just when you feel you need it) but 2 tablets 3 or 4 times a day. If you are worried about doing this every day you could decide to put yourself on a 'course' of them when you are having a bad few days.. Trying to obstain from taking them when you need them will only make the pain worse in the long run (ie thinking the pain is really bad but i had 2 tablets this morning so i must not now even though that was 6 hours ago).

Hope this helps?

Ella x


Hi Linda,

For me it's about quality of life 'now'. My rheumy said 'we'll worry about addiction or dependence when there's a cure for RA' - he is of the opinion that you step-up and step-down the dosage according to need on a daily basis, but take them consistently. We need to live our best life with this disease and there is nor virtue to be found in being in pain and miserable. You have a busy life with a large extended family - enjoy it as best you can, that means adequate pain relief!

Cece x


Thanks Guys, I guess I am just having a bad, feel sorry for me day. It just seems like my parents, sisters do not understand how bad the pain can be. I admit that I have a wonderful husband who says if you need them, take them. I did not ask for this condition, I would not wish it on my worst enemy! I really appreciate all the kind words, Cece I like what your rheumy says, worry later. This is a lonely condition (I dont like the word disease). It helps lurking about here and knowing that I am not alone. Now as I go about my day, I will try to think positive and remember the kind words and support from all of you. Thanks again! Linda


I was told that even paracetomol works best if you take it regularly - and that seems to be my experience too. This may sound totally daft, but in my head I imagine that if I just take one pill, then that pill has a huge big pain mountain to climb and it runs out of energy before it gets to the top and conquers the mountain. So I need to take the next ones in time to add the energy to get up the final bit and then keep on top of the mountain, as otherwise everything rolls right down to the bottom and they have to start all over again trying to climb that horrible mountain. So by taking them regularly I'm helping them do their job (told you it was a bit daft!). Polly


Hi workers at the coal face, my consultant told me to take 400mg of nurofen and 1000mg of paracetemol every 4 hours when the pain was bad. It does work but often sends me to sleep as well so worth taking at night (but not nurofen on an empty stomach!).

Without the pain meds we would all be in a right pickle. I would rather take them as I need to as the alternative is horrendous.

Coupled with MTX, anti TNF etc at least we are able to cope on a day to day basis (some days better than others of course). LavendarLady x


Hi Linda

If i need pain relief i take it but i do know what you mean about becoming addicted.However i need to live my life now - i'll worry about the future when it happens.Yes i am probably already addicted to some painkillers but i don't take them to get high -the alternative is horrible

Anyway hope you feel better soon but don't feel guilty

Take care



Hi I agree with most of the comments, there's a difference between needing painkillers for pain relief or taking them for a high.

I've been taking various pain killers since my daughter was born 33 yr ago without them I wouldn't have been able to raise my family and these days I take them to aid me being upright.

Without strong painkillers I'd be housebound probably bedbound and living in agony, I'd rather be dead than just existing in chronic pain.

Beth xx


All of your comments and support have helped me. I feel so much better knowing that others think this also, but then realize that we have to do what we can just to function. I am so thankful that this site exists! I pray that each and everyone has a wonderful day. Thanks so much! Linda


Common sense prevails here as usual.. people take what they need, when they need it, optomising how the tablets are taken can relieve pain spikes.

on bad days regular dosing at correct time intervals can keep pain down.

I just hope no one takes more than 8 paracetamol containing drugs in a 24 hour period ( other wise potential damage to liver/ overdose). thats why paracetamol is labelled 2 to be taken four times a day( this equates to every 6 hours)maximum dose 8 Tablets in 24 hours .

Keep Well

Alison x


Well the first thing I do in the mornings is grab 2pain pills or I cannot funtcion.I have such severe pain at night andespecially in the morning, its horrible. i use to be so excited about bed time now I hate it,,,its horrible. Sometimes i want to go to sleepand never wake up:( Horrible to say but its the God's truth:( Pray for me:(.....xoxo


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