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Hi all

Been doing well tho woke up yesterday with running nose,sore throat and pain in my nasal cavity,saw doctor today was told have sinus infection.Feeling really awful fever headaches and body aches.Been on mtx for 4 wks and was just told am feeling so much worse coz of the suppressed immunity by mtx.Got meds and taking one day at a time.

Power to all,have strength coz I know am not alone in my struggle with RA.

Wish you all a good year with fabulous health than last year.

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Have you been given antibiotics if so i would check with your rheumy about taking mtx. Some rheumys don't want you taking mtx while on antibiotics. Hope you soon feel


I would try to get Antibiotics, I had a abscess a while ago and was given them I am also on MTX, they might need to check your blood results first, I'm sure they will make you feel a lot better, If you can, ring your GP asap, It is really rotten feeling unwell on top of having RA, Take care hope you are feeling better soon XX


I've just got Antibiotics for my sinus infection today. I've had a cold since Dec, turns out to be an infection and I'm on metho, humira and steroids. If it doesn't shift ask for antibiotics. I wish I had sooner, I know what is like though, you think it will be ok tomorrow and you just get a wee bit more run down every day until finally today I knew enough was enough!!! I'm about to take antibiotic three of the day..... on more step to feeling better hope you do too and soon!


I seemed to suffer throat and nasal infections when I was first on mtx but it soon settled down. I went on antibiotics and my rheumy nurse said it was fine. Just make sure the pharmacist knows you're on mtx as certain antibiotics are a no no...a locum GP prescribed me the wrong ones but luckily the pharmacist picked up on it and got the prescription changed. Hope you feel better soon.

Paula x


I have only been ill a couple of times since starting MTX but the first time was after about a month on it and like you I felt absolutely wretched. Then again in the summer I got a cold and it was so bad that I was seeing my GP about something else and she just put me straight on antibiotics. So although I've been ill only a couple of times in over a year I did find the virus hit me much harder than it would normally. Get better soon and go for antibiotics if you aren't already. Tilda x


Thanks all,feeling abit better today,the antibiotics seem to be helping.take care


Yes please check with your Rhuemy Nurse/GP as over Christmas when I had an infection telephoned my GP and he had me in surgery straight away, took bloods and telephoned hospital for me. I had to take a course of antibiotics but was told to stop taking triple therapy (Sulph/ Metx/ Cimzia) until infection cleared.

Restarted Mtx on Sunday and yesterday and today felt wretched.


Hi Lubash

As others have said, it is worth contacting your rheumatology team to see if they want you to stop the MTX for a while. There is no set answer to whether you should stop it when on antibiotics, as it is decided depending on the individual circumstances. Given how long DMARDs stay in your system it is sometimes not worth stopping them for short periods, but on some occassions that is recommended.

the other thing to keep in mind is that there are some antibiotics that are not safe to take if you're on MTX, such as co-trimoxazole (Septrin)and trimethroprim, so it is important to check that the antibioitcs you are on are safe to take with MTX.

Glad to hear that you're starting to feel better.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


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