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Hi all i"m new to this

I was diagnosed with ra in dec 11 it took about 8 months before they knew what was wrong with me.

I have been put on methotrexate ,plaquenil i was given a steriod injection and take co-codmol for the pain.

I'm so glad i have found this site as i have been feeling so alone.

My family are good but i sometimes feel like a burden.

I am a self employed hairdresser and have had to take time off work because its become to painfull, i have pain in most all my joints.

At the moment i am fighting through the benfit system so any advice would be most welcome.

thanks in advance

marce xx

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Hi Marce

Welcome to the sight. I take the same drug combination as you. I was diagnosed in august 11.

Give it time the drugs should work for you. I know its hard in the beginning as the pain is awful and seems never ending.

It does get better - can't believe I am saying this as it was not long ago I was complaining myself. Buts it 's much better now.

Hope your pain subside soon

Take care Sci x


Sorry site I am dyslexic!


thank you, its nice to know that there are people who truly understand how it feels.

At the moment i have forgotton what its like to be pain free, but i do have hope that it will get better.

I had hydro and hand therpy today so i'm feeling tired so i have taken to my bed with about 8 pillows all around me as support.


welcome marce

good bunch of people on here who will help and support you in any way we can.


Hi Marce

Welcome to the site.Remember you're not alone there are always people on here ready with advice and support so keep posting.I found the first 6 mths after diagnosis the worst - hopefully when you get on the correct meds you will feel better but it is a bit of trial and error at first.

For benefit info try direct.gov.uk

Take care

Julie x


Hi Marce,

Feel bad for you. Glad you found us. Sounds like standard starting treatment, hopefully will go well for you. Dont worry about work, if you search DLA benefits you will find lots of info previously posted.

You will get better in time, try and keep positive and as for being a burden, I am sure if it was another member of your family had RA you would care for them, dont worry about that, you will find out who you can rely on as time goes by.

Enjoy HU, now you are not alone. :)



Hi Marce, welcome to this site you'll find loads of help/support from people who have had to work their way through the benefits and health systems.

If your staying on the sick you'll need to claim ESA (formally Incapacity benefit), to claim this you need to contact DWP and apply for sickness benefits. Initially it's paid at £67 (I think) for 13 weeks assessment period, around the 13 wk time your invited to fill out a rather large form giving information about your conditions/medications and how it affects your daily life. From this ATOS assessor will make a recommendation to DWP or invite you to attend a medical. After the medical/assessment a decision will be made as to whether your sick enough to claim sickness benefits and placed in either the WRAG (work related activity group) or Support group. At this time they'll also look at NI contributions and decide if your entitled to contributions based or income related (income related depends on circumstances and if you have a partner).

If placed in WRAG you have to attend 6 work focused interviews, this happens at Jobcentre plus or one of their providers. Don't worry about these as it's only discussion about the best route to get you back into work, what support/aids you would need in the workplace.

You might also want to look at claiming other benefits which include: Housing/council tax benefit, DLA (disability living allowance).

Personally I'd advice you to get some support from a welfare rights centre such as CAB. You should also check benefits and work website which has lots of information about claiming ESA and DLA benefits, I've added the link below.


Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Beth xx


thank you



Thank you all for your support and advice.

i feel truly blessed to have made contact i have been reading blogs on the site for a couple of weeks now and love the way everyone comes together offer advice and support so i had to get involved and i'm so glad i did

thanks marce


Hi Marce, Welcome to this site. I have only been on here for a couple of months myself. The people on here are wonderful and very supportive. You will discover wealth of information here. Gentle hugs being sent your way, ooxx Linda


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