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Hi all

Just joined the site, diagnosed about a year ago but had problems for about 20 years. Was diagnosed with fibro in 1998. Really bad problems at present, both knees,feet and ankles,shoulders,wrists hands and fingers,and upper neck and chest and lung involvement as well. On mtx,sulfa and 40mg pred, naproxen and top dose of tramadal. Just stopped work so pretty down at present. Due to see nurse about biologicals next week, let's hope they work as I have been waiting 7 months. Will try and make my posts less miserable than this one, but having a really bad morning

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Good luck with the biologic assessment- I've had a very good run on them


Hi norton47,

Welcome to the site. Hope the biologics work for you,

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Sounds like you're having a bad time of it just now. Hope you get some help to feel better soon.


Hello and welcome, norton, glad you found us and sorry you had the need to. Don't feel you need to be less miserable in order to be welcome! A bad day is a bad day, and people here understand that. I'm really hoping the biologicals will work for you - I'm headed in that direction too, I think. It's so hard to lose things that are important, but take it a breath at a time, and feel free to be however you are. I find that just having a place where I can be honest about it all helps get me through. Good luck and gentle hugs,



Thanks to everyone for the messages and suppot


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