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ouch,ouch ouch!!!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all feeling well, (as well as can be ! )

I have been awake from 4.30. I was awakened by an excruciating pain in my shoulder which went down my arm to my elbow and my hand felt like a balloon....... I could not move my arm without crying out in pain, my husband woke and got me some painkillers, and it has taken me till now 10.30 to be able to move slightly, even typing this is hurting!! Hubby had to go to work at 8 so i tried to go back to sleep but with no success.

I felt great yesterday and started to do some knitting......yes...i think that all this pain is due to me thinking i was giving my fingers some exercise!!!!!!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Wendy xx

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Oh gosh I was awake about that time too it is common to have all sorts of elbow, shoulder , wrsit and hand pain with RA. I advise you to contact GP or rhuem team. I have bad problems with left arm. elbow down to hand. , I have been in agony too I have had geneal steroid injection but elbow still v painful, may need an injection directly into my elbow.

You must get some hlep/ adivice re your arm pain.

Hope you get some relief soon... in just off to take pain killers too.


Sorry to hear about your pain. I get flare ups in my shoulder from when I used to carry heavy bags as a postie. The pain goes from my shoulder, up my neck and into my left temple usually and can drag on for a few days. The only thing that can usually ease it is Diclofenac though it's not as bad since I had a steroid jab.

Would yours be a trapped nerve or something? I'm not sure whether my shoulder problem is nerve or muscle.


Yes it does sound as if something has been trapped - did you manage to see a doctor today I wonder? I don't think knitting by itself would have such a dramatic impact but maybe you sat in a strange position and RA inflammation caused your nerve or a muscle to become compressed or something? Hope things are better now. Tilda


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