at last have my ultrasound on hands and feet tomorrow on a sunday and its my birthday .but hey ho. Think i managed to rip something in my hand last nite have had stiff fingers for ages and must of straightend them in my sleep the pain is horrendus but its funny how u get use to the pain. At least they will see something on the scan tomorrow. Hope everyone is ok and not in to much pain .xx

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  • Happy birthday Emma and good luck tomorrow, hope you have a good nights sleep tonight.

  • Hello Emma.

    Hope all goes well with you tomorrow,I have to go next week for the same thing toes feet ankles and hands+fingers.i hope you will be blogging the result.

    Have a Great Birthday ! BEST WISHES Pat

  • hope you have a great day


  • First off, Have a great Happy Birthday!! It does sound like you managed to over stretch your poor bent fingers! Ouch is right! Hope somebody finds something to make it feel better. L.xx

  • thank you everyone. will get the results nxt time i see my rhumy end of april.

  • Couldn't you ring them to get an answer sooner than 6 weeks from now?

  • Happy birthday Emma.

    Hope all goes well for you today.


  • Happy Birthday Emma - hope your fingers are better soon and good luck with the scan. TTx

  • Happy birthday hope it goes ok today xx

  • Happy birthday Emma. If you haven't already gone off for your scan, the last time I had ultrasound on my feet I was able to watch the screen and see the results straight away... Lots of bright red! Doc was great and explained what I was seeing, sadly the red was inflammation, but interesting. Px

  • Happy birthday emma, lets hope the next year will be better for you. Hope your scan went ok. xx

  • well i didnt see anything just looked like mars but they took loads of photos and pointed at lots of things so fingers cross.

  • happy birthday emma :-)

  • Happy Happy Birthday to you Emma. Hope it was a great one, and that you get good results for your hand.


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