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Nomadic Pain for the Winter Months!

I was wondering exactly why I randomly ended up with pain in my hands (and only my hands) after 31 years of reasonably perfect health. Whilst they're still trying to figure that out (bless them, they're trying their best, despite the frustrations of those nearest and dearest to me - and my psychologist who needs to see how I cope when I'm back at work!), the cold weather has hit and - whether the experts credit the theory or not - I now have similar gnawing pain and palpable tenderness in my ankles, feet and - to a lesser extent - knees, hips and elbows. Previously nicknamed 'Robohands' by my ever-patient boyfriend, I am now hobbling around like Mrs. Overall after long periods of stasis, and look the full 'Robocop'!

Trying to keep my chin up, and look forward to Christmas, a diagnosis, and - at some point - a phased return to the job I once enjoyed, but has recently become a source of anxiety and strife. Keep smiling, all! xx

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Sooty like you i'm in pain at the moment,but that because i've over done it. My ra/fibro is all down my right side. I've said if you cut me dow the middle from head to toe i would be fine. I know whats wrong with me,but i know how frustrating it is waiting for a diagnosis.

Its because of xmas that i'm down here at 4.00am. I am in the process of putting up decorations at bulkington villa. Its a mamoth task i can tell you. Already it has taken me 3days and i'm no where near finished. My daughter has been a great help. I wont' get much done today as i'm to see ot at 10.00am for some help on my hands as they are swollen and i get a fair bit of pain in them. I had a steroid injection when i was in clinic thursday and it has helped me a lot,but if i overdo it i'm going to expect to be up aren't i.

My wishes for you is a quick diagnosis and a very bright xmas.

Sylvi. xx


Ah, Sylvi, you sound too much like me! My boyfriend frequently tells me I'm supposed to be resting, but you can't just rest, can you?

Good luck with those decorations, and Christmas wishes to you too!

Sara xx


Sootyb, like u I had the same symtoms early this year (feb-march) after a carpel tunnel op, 3 weeks after it my wrists, knuckles, then shoulders all badly inflamed ,doc said its tendonitis after blood tests didnt show anything dodgy, I asked for a referal to go (beneden)private thru work, to rush a diagnosis in the meantime went back to work, dont know how ,Im a postie( 35years boy 2 man) I was in terrible pain ,anyway cut a long story short, Lasted 3 weeks went sick again ,finaly got diagnosed with R/A (shock an no amazement) in late June,didnt get to start med (methatex8) till August, So if I can give u any advice ,get them docs, consultants or whoever to get your diagnosis as soon as because if its not good news( and I really hope it is) the waiting around not knowing and worry of work is nearly as bad as the diagnosis,anyways Godbless and keep as positive as u can.


Sooty this is probably the most horrible time i think before diagnosis when you are in pain, with no medication and no-one has a name for it. Hope Wednesdays appointment goes well.


So sad to hear your news.. my RA started in my hands.. you need some sort of diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with I have done/ been doing a phased return to work, it is really the only safe way after a peroid of illness.

Sending you my best wishes

Alison x


Good luck Sooty - I know that the limbo stage was very hard for me and although I'm currently feeling pretty devastated about my future with RA - I'm still feeling hugely better for having a diagnosis at last. As I said on your other post please don't expect too much - keep your mind as open as possible. From everything you say it does sound like you have RA but if the rheumy says "inconclusive" as mine said to me 5 months ago then it is only because the drugs they treat us with are pretty toxic and they want to be as certain as possible before they prescribe them.

I agree with Summer that it is much better to have something to be able to tell employers and colleagues so I suggest you make that clear to your rheumatogist too if they appear to be delaying a decision but hopefully they won't. 5 or 6 months may not seem a lot to them but it feels like a lifetime when it's your life that's at stake I know! Best of luck with Wednesday. Tilda x


Thanks for the kind words of support, everyone; they're much appreciated. I'm trying to focus on other things at the moment, and keep up with hobbies, even if I can't do them for as long as I used to! Hopefully, my boss is missing me more than I'm missing her! ;)

Keep smiling, and be happy!

Sara xx


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