Proms night

Proms night

Just got back from a night at the proms. Really didn't feel like going as i'm in agony today. Been up since 5.30am and then i went up the village to farmers market. I had a sleep in the chair this afternoon ready for tonight,got a bath and titifated myself up a bit,blow dried my hair and that was it. We went a bit early so as to park the car in disabled place. Took my friend from across the road and our daughter grace as she was carrying the standard tonight. We went last year and had a nice time. This year was as good again. The place was warmer as well this year. They had a raffle and my tickets came up twice,won a bottle of wine and some toiletries. Gave the wine to my friend as i don't drink and nobody in my house drinks wine. Got back here about 10pm,grace and her dad have gone for a drink. I'm quite happy to sit here in the warm and rest. The only downside was i was in agony from the ra,but thats a small price to pay for an enjoyable evening. When we had the sing song my voice went so that was that, i had to sit there waving my flags like a silly one instead.

So to all my lovely friends here hope you all sleep well and have lovely dreams,mine will be about jonny depp and daniel graig. Night night.xx

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Sounds like you had a well deserved good evening, I only hope your dreams stand up to it lol,jonny depp and daniel graig indeed lol, Im off to bed now and I hope them two are not in mine hehehe, have a good nights sleep and take care.



No i'm afraid my dreams were nothing like that sadly,they were all about being brainwashed,realy weird. Not a very good night,lot of pain,but i knew i would suffer for last night,but it was worth it,it was a good night. Who would you like to dream about,sophia loren!!!

Hope you have slept.Sylvia. x


Hi Sylvi, glad you had such a good evening. Were you outside or indoors? I hope you kept warm anyway. Doesn't matter if your voice goes, I often find I can't sing so happily sit there waving a flag in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.

Sophia Loren was my dad's pin up - he thought she was smashing - my hubby is pretty impressed to. Wish I looked like her. She is stunning for her age.

I slept well last night but did wake up with acid reflux about 7 a.m. so had to have a Zantec to settle it down. We had some spicy food last night at a casino evening ( I did well on the Poker - never played it before and cleaned out the table twice before calling it a night!). so I think that's was caused it.

Do get vivid dreams and some are so weird you wonder where they came from, but usually can trace them back to something I'd read, or seen on the TV or was talking about with friends but the subconscious really does mix it up so you get some really funny ones.

Sorry you are having so much pain - have you spoken to your GP about it?

My wrists and hands have been funny the last few days and Friday sitting in my chair the middle finger of my left hand just started moving backwards and forwards all by itself. Really weird.

LavendarLady x


Don't start me on my gp,he won't refer me to consultant at walsgrave who knows knees,he thinks there's nothing that can be done and i've got to learn to live with it. I want to know whats causing the swelling and why it won't go down and be pain free. My ra is flaring at the moment which isn't crp score has gone up so my blood tests show. I'm at the hospital on the 24th so i'm going to have another go about my health. i've had a rotten day with the pain in my hands,every time i go to the loo i run a sink full of cold water and soak them in the sink in an effort to cool them off as they are so hot. I couldn't go with bob and grace today because of it. Its been one of those days when i've said i would be better off dead,no i'm not going to do anything its just how it makes me feel. I begining to think the trouble with my eyes is the ra as well. The eye specialist has cleared me after my op,he says theres nothing wrong with my eyes,he seems to think its connected to the ra and fibro,but not the eyes. I can't win whatever i do at the moment. My hands will shake like that for no reason. I've asked bob for a heavy duty gold chain for xmas as i don't think it will be long before i have to take my wedding ring off,i can't wear my other two rings on my wedding finger so i thought if i had a chain that falls just into my boobies,my rings will still be near my heart. I know that the day i have to take it off will heartbreaking for me,i'm very proud to be a mrs,i don't like being called partner.

I'm just old fashioned like that.

All i seem to do these days is moan,at least you all saw my attempt at trying to be cheerful with the jonny and graig hint. We was in a church which was warm,my grace had to take the standard and she looked great.

Sylvi. xxx



Glad you've had a good weekend but sorry your suffering now.You must be very proud of your daughter.

Have you ever been referred to the pain clinic? It might be worth asking as you seem to be suffering so much now.

Take care



Julie am under pschy at the moment and the pain clinic has been ruled out for the moment as i have trouble getting down hospital,its still on the agenda to be looked at later. I am very proud of grace she is doing very well as standard bearer.

I'm seeing thr reumy on the 24th so i'll see what she has to say.

As you can see by the time midnight i'm having trouble sleeping,will tell all about that later.

Sleep well. sylvi.xx


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