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Hope you are not suffering to much in this cold snap?

I've managed to go to work all week & even experienced very little delays on the train. But yesterday was so cold that I experienced joint pain & could not get warm until late in the evening.

I awake this morning & I am still feeling sore knees & stiff wrist' s, not like yesterday - milder. I've experienced this all week; but it restricts what I can do at home chore wise.

I know it's due to the weather and I am debating, whether to go into work next week. I feel that I have reached my coping level. Unfortunately work will not understand, hence my dilemma. Decisions life is not easy.

Wrap up warm, stay safe

Joanne :)

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I know exactly how you feel x


Cold doesn't seem to affect me.But wet/damp does. I went to Norway a while ago and it was

minus 20 but dry cold and I felt fine. Weird how it affects different people with RA differently.


If you still feel like that monday then go sick. Its your body and if it is letting you down then give it a rest. Love sylvia.xx


yep i was saying to gaenor the other day when we whent to austria for xmas one year it was snow every where but it was a crisp dry air over their not like here it a sort of cold and damp with it

i think this is what does it with the old bones

no wonder they built cotton mills in the old days in lancashire its cos we are in a damp valley and it kept the cotton moist

no work dosnt seem to understand does it

on the bright side i have got me heating allowance cos of me age this year

now i know why they say keep walm in winter pitty some of these people who live out in the sticks roads must be realy bad for those people who have ra


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