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snow snow and steroids

Blizzard conditions here will put up a pic .. hospital called out staff appeal on radio any and all staff but im not well enough mind willing but body not.. need staff this evening and weekend an emergency call over local radio.

not safe to drive and roads treacherous, cant walk in due to bad joints , new lap top here old pc died,,

I had steroid injection in bum on wed.. now have high das score.....

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Morning summer,it is blizzard conditions here as well. The best place for you is at home,i know how concentious you are,but this time don't listen to it and stay indoors. This has to be some of the hardest times you have had since i have known you so i will send you some lovey hugs.



Thank you my dear cheerful friend online hope you are improving your health x


I'm glad you've got laptop Summer, when we had terrible snow a couple of years ago the internet was really a lifeline. I wouldnt give work another thought - I always think that one will be more use to everyone hale and hearty rather than with your leg in a plaster cast. So when the snow arrives I stay in. I'm ready for the siege = which hasnt arrived here yet, but I did nip out this morning to deliver some artwork due on Monday, just in case the weather stops me then.

Perhaps the rest will do you some good, do you feel a bit less stressed?

In case you'd like a laugh on the tesco beefburger affair, look at this:



Hi Ali

ooooh laptop wonderful now you have no excuse for your spelling with that old keyboard, you stay where you are you will do no good to yourself gadding into work.

love to you

Tricia P xxx


Thank you both nice to hear from you great horse clip.. Cathie.. how can I put in a clip can you talk me through verbally online?


I just put the full web address into the message box and it seems to have worked.

Hope it gave you a laugh. We need it - no snow here yet but its really bitterly cold.


Brilliant Cathie - that made me hoot!

Summer - you just forget all about work and enjoy being warm and laptop focused please.

I thanked you mentally today because I went to speak to my pharmacist - do you remember me saying ages ago how surly and downright hostile she used to be always? - well we are now on first name terms and she thanked me for warning her that she needed to order in my raised dose of Metoject 17.5 and was generally very pleasant and even sweet. I credit you for this 100% improvement in her manner towards me (if not towards others) because whenever I have to speak to her I think of you in your job and have always tried to be extra friendly and civil and look how it's paid off!

Take care and hopefully you might at last qualify for the anti-tnf now you've failed 3 dmards and got a high DAS? Tilda xx


mm yes may be she was unsure of her facts or her patient/ pleased you are now on first name terms.. been poorly today and yes hoping for some decent meds now...


First name terms and acknowledgement of helpful pharmacist good.. it is part of job description to help people?!


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