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Cross Stitch saved my life!

following my last flare up, I have discovered cross stitch, I cant knit anymore (too much for the old wrists) so I didnt think I would be able to do embroidery but gave it a go anyway. I think because it is small with no weight and is mostly using fingers and not wrists I found I could manage to make small samples, mostly cards. But the beauty of it is, you can do it sitting in the chair and it is almost like meditating, I think I will just do 30 mins and then an hour is gone.

It has certainly helped this time and all friends and family will have embroidered Christmas cards, whether they like it or not!

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Hi Gloria,

I have a knitting project also that I am not really able for sadly because of wrists. Do you have a link to a web site where I could get supplies to do xmas cards? I can't actually get out of hse at moment, would love to give it a go.



Hi Gina,

A friend is also a fan of cross stitch and she encouraged me to try, but I was an absolute beginner. I always thought cross stitch was a totally useless activity, just little pictures that nobody really wants! but have discovered Cards and Keepsakes by Jo Verso (1p. secondhand from Amazon) which has some lovely projects, cards mostly but nice Christmas ideas as well. I then progressed to the Cross Stitcher's Bible by Jane Greenoff (also second hand from Amazon) which shows you in simple diagrams how to do the more advanced stitches. Also Hobbycraft (dont know if you have one in Dublin, I have a daughter living in Donnybrooke!) is a good source of supplies, they have online shop as well.

Give it a try, nothing to lose it you cant manage it and the materials are realatively cheap.


Hi Gloria, welcome to the wonderful world of stitch! My partner and I are freelance fine art embroiderers and delighted to hear of others who find solace in stitching.

This is going to sound like self promotion but it's not and we get no copyright on sales so I'll go for it; we are featured in a new book called "Hoopla - the Art of Unexpected Embroidery" by Leanne Prain - pubishers Arsenal Pulp (based in Vancouver). It is all really whacky thick and colourful book you can get on Amazon (great for Xmas list) and it has a whole large centre section of patterns and how to do stuff and history of crosstitch etc if you're interested.

Sadly my production levels have slowed down enormously because most of my pain has been in wrists, shoulders, knuckles and fingers. I was a painter for many years but turned to stitch because of chronic eczema - now the eczema has all but gone, the arthritic problems are here but I'm still too in love with embroidery to quit and go back to painting!



Hi Gloria

Toally agree with you -i also love my cross stitch i find it very relaxing too and my OT said it was brilliant exercise(better than th putty).I'm currently working on a picture for my dad that was supposed to be for xmas but i think he will get it for his birthday!!

Gina i have tried hobbycraft but i think they are expensive You could try e-bay but we have a little craft shop where i live that tend to have more original designs at good prices but it's worth giving it a go .

Take care

Julie xx


I agree that Hobbycraft is expensive, but the up side is the wide range of stock. I also use a local small shop and they are invaluable.

I should have said to Gina that when starting out it might be use to try a ready made kit first. I started with a keyring and bookmark (from Hobbycraft) so it you find its not for you, you wont have lost anything.

Thanks for book recommendation Tilda, I will look for it on Amazon.

Meanwhile book to embroidering the Christmas cards!


Hi fellow crafters!!!

I have just taken a break from my hobby - I make greeting cards, I love it!

I dont know if any of you go to craft shows, I go to Westpoint, just outside of Exeter - I have been going there for many years - it usually takes place in September, around the 24th! They have cross stitch, card blanks and all sorts of lovely things - there is a restaurant, and you can go back to the car as many times as you need.

I didn't go this year, as my RA was bad, but I am aiming for next year!!!

There are ones at the NEC too - they are part of 'cross stitch and crafts guild'

Anyway - happy cross stitiching!!!



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