Results of all my tests, normal

Well , all my blood test were normal and the x-ray on my wrists only showed loose bones where I had broken it in the past. I do have inflammation in the joints 28 but that is at the top end of normal 30 being the limit. The dr thinks that I have reactive rheumatism and is referring me to a rheumatologist. After that we will have to do more tests to find out what causes it, dr said it could be viral or, food intolerances, cold weather, stress or all of them together. I'm very happy that I don't have RA although I do have all the symptoms. I hope that they will make up their mind to what it is that ails me . I wish you all to get better. This is goodbye from me but I will pop in to say hello and to keep you posted to my diagnosis.


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  • Don't leave just because you don't have a definite diagnosis you will still need our support whatever happens.I am pleased that you don't have ra,but as they are doing more tests to get a proper reason for your symptons and it could still be an autoimmune disease of some other type.xx

  • Thank you Sylvi , I would like to stay if the others don't mind.

  • No ohe will mind so don't worry about

  • What is inflammation of the joints 28 - normal being 30 all about? Excuse my ignorance but I'm intrigued. Good news for you then! :)

  • I have no idea Angej it was not explained to me

  • Thanks for reply, I think Tilda may have a sort of answer though, what she says about ESR or CRP levels makes sense? Good luck with finally getting a diagnosis! X

  • I'm very pleased for you if that is the case but I assume you understand that it's possible to have RA and not have a positive Rheumatoid Factor or a positive ant-CCP? Does inflammation of joints 28 mean your ESR or CRP perhaps? I don't think it would be at all normal to have 28 joints inflamed otherwise so I'm intrigued too. Again an ESR (inflammatory marker) of 28 is still a bit raised - normal in my lab is between 0-10 although actually I think my normal is around 26 and it all depends on age and gender and a pattern of inflammation in the blood too. Tilda x

  • They keep changing their mind it has now been 4 years and we still are not any close to a final diagnosis. First I have RA then Its not RA is Osteo , then its RA again , now it's not again and its something else!

  • The only thing I would say is that 4 years is a long time for reactive arthritis to last. Its hard going when things are uncertain though. Maybe you need a second opinion or a one off private consultation? X

  • Oh sorry - that's only if the rheumy you see doesn't impress - but I hope they will. Its not for a GP to diagnose. Tilda x

  • Hi i hope for you that you don't have RA. Sorry to say i do have RA and my bloods do not indicate that i have it either. I have sero- negative RA. My fingers are crossed for you. That you don't have it. xx

  • Thank you Miss, but how do you know that you have it?

  • Well i do have swelling on my hands wrist and fingers this happen from word go. Also i did have some pain on knuckles when i first went to dr. My GP then referred me to a consultant. He said i have RA XX

  • Reactive arthritis is the one that goes away eventually isn't it? If so then yippee! A pain while it lasts, but the thought that there is an end point to it should keep you going. I don't want to sound like a misery guts, but before you crack open the champagne did your GP do full range of tests including anti-CCP? It has been known for GPs to mis-diagnose...... but at least sending you to a specialist so can be sure one way or another. Fingers crossed tho' that it's a passing problem. Polly

  • Thank you Polly. DR checked all organs, liver, kidneys thyroid etc and RA factor that is all I know. They don't explain much and one is left baffled and bemused!

  • D White Hi There, I'm so glad for you that you don't have RA, I was also led to believe that I was clear although I had the classic symptoms I had two full sets of bloods taken one last May and one in Jan this year both came back negative until the second bloods changed the following day which indicated that I had RA, You should stay with us and compare notes the similarities are worth comparing,mattcass

  • Thank you Mattcass.

  • Hi, as previous been said don't go, keep looking on here and comparing your symptoms. I am assuming that 28 was the inflammation level, I have PsA and my inflammatory levels when I was at my worse were the highest at 29 so something is definitely going on, I was not told that I was in the normal level and was constantly being given steroids injections to combat the pain that I was going through. take care. xxx

  • Hi Georje, so far I have been given nothing. I survive on diclofenac, ibuprofen, voltarol and all the natural anti inflam. The doctor said that he emailed the rheumatologist a month ago but so far no appointment has materialised. My family and friends are now all saying "we told you that you did not have RA" and dismiss my pains as if I'm a wimp or a hypochondriac. I might not have RA but I surely must have something as some days I feel positively ill.

  • People on here are very welcoming. If you have any arthritic symptoms you can get support and suggestions here. I have an official diagnosis of osteoarthritis, but many of the symptoms of RA.

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