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"Grip my hands"

Has anyone experienced at their rheumy appts to grip their rheumy's/nurses hands tightly?

Every time I go for my appts they always say this to me, so I do it then I'm told "oh yes you have a fine grip" when in fact I've just told them that my joints in my hands have been really painful and some of them swelling plus I'm dropping things more & more as do find it hard to hold onto things, particularly hair brushes, nail files, cutlery etc.

It seems that just because I can hold on to their hands firmly for a few seconds there's no problem!!

That really annoys me!!

I know when I go back in May and I tell them all the problems I've had with my hands they'll say this to me again....!!

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I was ask to do this when i had my first rheumy appointment, And the reason he said he was doing it was to also see if there was any swelling, But i'm like you my wrists have been giving way a lot lately, but i sometimes can grip thing, Doesn't mean i am not in pain, he did show me where the swelling was it was between my knuckles, try and not worry about it to much, that's what this rotten disease does it makes you doubt yourself, i am sure there are other friends on here that can give you more advice, Take care XX


I have the same experience whenever I've seen my rheumy (3 times now). The first two times I had feeble grip and third time I had a good strong grip even though my hands were worse by then than they had been previously. I was referred to the physio after I complained to my GP that my grip was becoming increasingly weak and I was being really clumsy all the time - she helped me with some hand, wrist and finger exercises and varous forms of therapy including ultrasound gel massage on inflamed knuckles and something called Short Wave Therapy in the hospital. I don't know if it was them or the MTX that made my hands much stronger but since I've become lazy again about exercising they've become a bit feeble again too!


Thanks for your comments shirlthegirl & Tilda. I think I might mention about having some physio when I go to my next appt. I've also had to start back on the steroids again on Sunday just to get a bit of relief....just have to accept the side effects. I'm seriously thinking of moving my appt to an earlier date as well....!


I have a pretty good grip if its just a short sharp squeeze, but I can't sustain my grip without hands cramping up. I have the same problems trying to explain that to doctors.


I'm just the same as earthwitch - strong grip but can't sustain it. My hands start to hurt if I do too much of any one activity. But this thread has reminded me about doing my physio exercises too, so thank you. :-)


When first diagnosed OT "measured grip" and other hand functions using some sort of calibrated dial device.. bit more scientific.. I drop things too,..


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