Why do only hands count - or is this just my hospital?

As many of you know I've had problems getting treatment due to my being unable to tolerate the usual dmards. I'm waiting for an ultrasound now to see if it shows up any inflammation because my bloods never show it.

They have told,me they will be scanning my hands. When I was referred to the OT and physio at the hospital when I was first diagnosed I was told they specialized in hands only and couldn't look at anything else.

But out of all my joints although my hands hurt like hell they are nowhere near as bad as my knees and my elbows and my toes.

The consultant could push the fluid round in my knees and I cannot bend them without great pain. I can't sleep because of the pain in my toes and the pain in my elbows stops me in my tracks. But they've told me none of this counts and they won't be looking at it. They will only scan my hands and if there is not enough inflammation I not get biologics so I won't get any treatment despite the fact I can hardly walk.

Are you a gold standard patient if you get it badly in your hands, are you a better RA patient. Do you not get RA in any other joints. I just don't understand this view and neither does my doctor or occy health consultant. At my last appointment the consultant told me oh your elbows are probably fibromyalgia not RA. My GP said this is barking

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  • Hi - that's really unusual🙁Are you in the UK?

  • Yes I am.

  • Hi

    My rheumatologist checked my whole body to count towards biologics. Now on Benepali and even after 6 days can feel the difference. Long may it continue. Hope you get better treatment soon I know what it's like to be in pain. Cheers

  • Perhaps you need a discussion with your GP about a second opinion. Your GP sounds better informed than the consultant!

  • The ot and physio should treat you as a whole not just a part . I would tell them ALL your problems even if they don't as . When they get trained they dont just concentrate on hands !! Best wishes xx

  • Barking indeed!! RA damages a joint remains active in that joint and moves on!!

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