Very strange question???

Good morning everyone. Strange question coming up-when I first started getting symptoms of RD I would get a strange vibration feeling in my leg. It took me a long time to realise that it wasn't my mobile going off in my pocket or music or trains but coming from within my leg & other people on here said that this happened to them as well. Anyway that stopped after I started taking the meds but now I'm getting which I can only describe as a cold draft going down my outer thigh. Only my left leg & it's constant. My leg doesn't feel cold to touch. Does anyone else get this or am I losing the plot? Caza

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  • Caza i don't think your losing the plot.My problems are due to my back. I have a compressed disc which is trapping a nerve and it is causing roblems down my right leg.

    If the meds stopped your symptoms then it is clearly due to rd so you might what to go back to your dr and see what can be done for you.xxxxx

  • Hi sylvi, I did have a nasty accident 12 yrs ago where I lost the use of my left leg, a disc had actually gone into my spinal column but a fantastic surgeon managed to stick me back together again & yes I have been left with a weaker leg but I really don't think it's that. It doesn't add up with the trembling & meds. It's driving me insane today. 😩

  • I started with the trembles and it was the same sort of thing, thinking it was my mobile phone no it did seem very strange but now I get it right through my body from top to my feet, you can't see it but you can feel it lol.

    Personally I would definitely go to my GP, it keeps me wide awake some nights, I'm stopping there. I could go on all day lol and nobody wants that lol.

  • Thanks for replying. I'm going off to Tenerife for 3 weeks which is in the 30s 😎, might be a blessing to have a cold draft! So will see my GP when I get back if still as bad,all very peculiar.

  • Let's hope lol, have a great time too but don't forget my stick of rock lol.

    Enjoy momma cool,


  • Yep...I get this too, very odd!! I haven't mentioned it to anyone in case they thought I was barmy!! 😊 Have a lovely holiday!

  • Well I'm sort of pleased that you get it as well least it means I'm not mad. Does it drive you crazy & does it seem to get worse sometimes?

  • it is what is called a paraesthesia (abnormal skin sensation) that very often comes from nerves being slightly squished somewhere between leaving the spinal cord and the area of skin affected. Not usually much that can be done about it, but worth checking with your GP as this kind of sensation can sometimes go along with other conditions or with medications.

  • Thanks, this sort of makes sense. Another thing to get used to I think! Will mention it to my GP next time I go. Thanks for replying

  • This is like there's a window open & a cold draft that goes up my leg. It did come & go but now it's constant. The vibration that I used to feel faded out when I started on Hydroxy. Thanks for replying.

  • I get that sensation too sometimes so must be connected to RA. Strangely I have recently had what I call creeping skin but only across my back. Any ideas?

  • When I am suffering from fatigue I can get a twitch in some of my muscles usually upper arm or front of thigh. Feels a bit strange but usually goes away after 5 minutes. Is this the sort of thing thing you get?

  • No I never get twitching. It's all very confusing isn't it 😩

  • I had the twitching before RA I had Chronic fatigue for a few years and it started then and still get the twitching from time to time.

  • Nightmare isn't it 😩 Is it in just one leg?

  • Hi that's not a question I'm glad I read your post it happens to me now and then ,it feel like my phone is on vibrate in my pocket but it's not there

  • Mine used to be like that but now it's like a cold draft but just on one leg. Will definitely see my GP if it's still happening when I get back from holidays. It seems to be getting worse & it's annoying the hell out of me 😡

  • Not to be alarmist but it could be sciatica related to disc slipping...........please get it checked ASAP as I regret not doing that, and now have loads of problems because of permanent damage done that could be rectified.

    Take care, God Bless

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I had cauda equina 12yrz ago result of a nasty accident so know where your coming from, pretty sure it's not coming from my back. Will get it checked out when back in a few weeks time.

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