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Getting worse am I too impatient

Hi all

I have been on MTX for 6 weeks now and whilst didn't expect miracles early on as I know it can take 12 weeks. My Ra has got much worse and does so almost daily. I can manage about 4 hrs out of bed.Just need to sleep and take pain killers. Should I contact the rheumy, and ask for something in addition. I am on 20 mg of Mtx Rheumy said he wants me on 25 mg asap. Any thoughts.

Many thanks

Lorraine x

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It does take a while to have an effect. Think for me it was 9 weeks before I really felt it taking hold, and all in all to took a while longer to get stable as MTX alone wasn't enough. But it does sound as if you are having a bad time, so no harm in phoning your rheumy team. Even if you don't want a steroid shot to tide you over, it would at least alert to increase the dose sooner rather than later or add in another DMARD. I've found that if you keep quiet they assume all's well. So better to tell them more rather than less. Polly


Many thanks I think I am going to speak to them, I a newly diagnosed but have been I'll for 2 years without a diagnosis.


Lorraine x



You still have another 6wks to see improvements. You may have improvements but at present they are only showing in your blood tests. I think you need more patience. There is no harm in asking for another dmard to go along side mtx, as many of us are on duo or tripple dmards. However I think your rheumy may have wanted to see how you do on mtx, before he starts adding different things.

Give it another 2/3 wks and see how you go.

Best of luck

Sci x


I know how you feel, but it is just a waiting game, which can be really depressing, we are all impatient when it comes to getting some results, so don't bet yourself up, I Have been on 15mg of MTX and hyroxy for 13 weeks now, they have now increased it to 20mg, So this week it will be 14, I have notice some difference, but a lot of it i feel has been to do with the steroid injections i have had, but remember everyone is different, so try and give it a bit longer, Take Care xxx


25 mg did it for me - the good effects did not last forever but good nonetheless - before that I had no appreciable improvement so hang on in there, it's just how it is with mtx, slow burn effect but worth the wait. (I didn't believe it either, till it happened). 6 weeks is actually very early on in terms of seeing results. Keep optimistic if you can, you will get there!

Luce x


thinking of you x


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