what does this say about me?

H i everyone

Just thought I would let you know what I got for xmas. My hubby bought me a heat pad for my back and a heated car seat, My son and his girlfriend bought me age-defying creams! I looked in the mirror and thought my god you must be getting old! Got quite a complex. I am laughing about it now but have decided to only look in the mirror in a dim light. lol. Did anyone else get any useful pressies but didnt exactly make them feel great?

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  • I got a dressing gown & a pair of memory foam slippers! I'm 42.

  • Not exactly the feminine touch lol but i bet they are comfy.

    regards sharon

  • Sorry to upset you all i have had some lovely presents. Mind you one of hubbys friends brought me a thing for bosai potato, this is a joke i started years ago. I brought him a musical christmas tie,seeing as he doesn't do ties and it has since spiralled. He will always buy my present and i have to say he excelled himself this time. Now i will have to start searching for something better this next christmas.xxx

  • I didn't get anything too remarkable - a lovely hat, some good books, smellies etc. But a woman who came to lunch on Boxing Day told me her husband had given her a pair of those light weight walking sticks for her 60th and she hadn't spoken to him for a week afterwards! She does have severe OA so they were pretty useful to her but...?!

  • Hi, I got an I pad cover that didn't fit & I already have one anyway. A coffee mug for the car, I guess incase I don't have time to drink a coffee before work ( I don't go out to work) Steve McQueens dated DVD & a white I phone cover ( in my handbag it won't last 2 mins). Lovely thoughtful presents!!!! I did get some really lovely presents before Xmas so I'm not complaining, one of them being a pair of ugg gloves for my poorly painful fingers. I'm not sure what that says about me,I like to do RA in style maybe!!! Wish u all a painfree day xx

  • I got lever operated mixer taps supplied and fitted to my kitchen sink( my male friend) and thermal socks my mum !

  • I got a very (un)lovely tea towel from a lunch guest. Took all my acting powers to appear pleased - I am the polar opposite of Nigella! Was counterbalanced later by the cringing embarrassment of her son when he later realised what she'd given me. We had a good laugh about it x

  • I had a box of black magic(I hate dark chocolate) and a bottle of red wine( when I do have the odd drink its never red wine- I hate it) from my sisters ( think they should know me by now!! , a lovely scarf and necklace from my son and girlfriend ( have taught him well) , a lovely candle holder and perfume from my daughter and a heart necklace from my husband(surprised me as usually I have to buy my own). Xx

  • Hi, the last couple of years I've made a Christmas list, it works as I get what I would like. The best present, a surprise, is to go and see War Horse with my 2 daughters, they have arranged everything from transport to the theatre, which I understand isn't not disable friendly. We are going in June as they are having a lift installed, so I'll be able to get up to the stalls, can't wait, Ive got the book and DVD, didn't think I'd ever see the play since Ive been poorly. Take care Ann xx

  • thanks for all the comments I couldn,t stop laughing. Feel better about my own pressies now.

    Have a good day everybody

    Regards sharon x

  • I got a camera but has large hand grip and easy to use as the small cameras I cant manage most of the time so well pleased must admit dropped a good hint to daughter by doing some research on internet when she was around and got losts of smelly bath bombs from Lush and other daughter gave me a lovely tunic top with no buttons also lots of pkts of maltesers I have just lost over 2 stone dont want to put it back on but I will ration them make them last a long time


  • Hiya, My hubby brought a new car a few months ago with heated sits, He said, there you go old girl that will help you with your joints, Nice thought i suppose...., he has in the pass brought me age defying cream to, But still have them in my bathroom....., This year they did keep asking me what i wanted, kept coming up with things like a stair lift, electric this and that :( But I warned them before hand, :) I said i might now have a disability , but i am not ready for the knackers yard yet lol, I said the only thing i need is positivity this year, and watch this step in 2013. :) :) xx

  • Okay folks this has to be the prezzie to end all. My sister gave me a 50th present which I opened a day early with friends today. It was a white plaster sculpture with a teat that turned out to have been cast from a blown up condom. Photo on my next blog! X

  • I got my early pressy of robbie williams tickets x 2 (so i can take my mum lol), perfume, cds, pj's, candles, boxes of choccies, ceramic red love hearts (from my son as my house has a touch of red) etc etc.

    Also got heaps of pressies from the lovely children at school i work at, yankie candles, mugs, potted plants, jewellery, note books, calenders, loads of choccies.

    Ton load to open cos i leave school childrens pressies till xmas day so i have the most to open lol.



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