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first blog never written one before

last saw consultant beginning of November.told her my back pain was back, across my waist line into hips and down legs. She said ok and gave me the slip of paper ordering my spinal injection( epidural) and i have it next friday 11th jan. Also having my left hand locking wrist down into three finger very painful. I have to grap it and straighten them out, Upto now it does'nt take long but hands are painful in any case. I have a great team here sorry for the rest of you up north. Was diagnosed three yrs ago have the odd flare but can cope upto now.

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Hello and welcome, though not in the circumstances of having ra.

Ive found this site to be a wonderful place for advice, info or in my case to have a rant lol.

I hope your epidural kicks in and you get some relief soon.

Take care




hi welcome , hope things will work out for you. .:) yes its nice on her to have a rant, ,take care jo.x


Yes welcome to this wonderful site, i only jointed in September, i have received some great advice and positive messages from everyone, You take care xx


Hi Fastball - welcome. What's with the comment about the rest of us up north? As you haven't set a location I don't know where you are based but if north you mean the North Isles then yes things could be a lot better here - whereas in Inverness things are pretty good I'm reliably informed.

Hope the epidural makes a difference. Tilda x


Leicester sorry forgot had'nt said


Hi again Fastball from Leicester. I hope you get a lot out of this site and it's really good that you at least have a good health team working hard for you. Its always good to learn about how good things are elsewhere in the UK so as to be able to focus health care providers in less well served areas on how they might improve. Good luck with everything for 2013. Tilda x


Hello Fastball, hope you are not in too much pain, you have waited awhile for the epidural. Your hand sounds very painful when it locks, my thumb does that now and again as well, its a really yucky feeling to push it back into place.

It is so good that you have a team that you trust and rely on, sometimes i think that is half the battle.

Look forward to hearing more from you.


Hello and welcome they r lovley peaple on here all ways here to help soft hug karen x


Welcome to this great site x


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