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HI everybody hope we are not too sore this morning, i would just like to congratulate NRAS on a great evening on Tuesday night ,it was a pleasure to meet other people with RA and exchange stories with each other and i have to say my wife had a great time and said afterwards that she understands a lot more off what RA is all about and we took a lot out off the evening so once again thank you to NRAS for organising it

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  • Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comments, i'm so glad you found the event so helpful. You might like to take a look at the report in depth on our website at . I will make sure I pass your comments onto our Conn who organised the event.

    Val, NRAS

  • When will something like this take place in London!

  • your guess is as good as mine Cathy hopefully soon as it was a very productive evening and it was good to see so many MPS there as the professor was very good at getting his point across so im hoping they got the message regarding RA

  • Hi Cathy, NRAS hosts a couple of events in the Houses of Parliament each year. We had a successful event during RA Awareness Week which oyur group coordinators from across the country were invited to attend. We have another event in November, our Healthcare Champions Awards, where the winners and patients nominated will be able to speak to their MPs.

    Hope this helps.


  • Oh thanks. Will we get details through you?

  • yes, keep an eye on our website at


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