Get Knitting and join The Knit Factor for NRAS

Get Knitting and join The Knit Factor for NRAS

To coincide with National Knitting Week NRAS has today launched The Knit Factor, encouraging all those with RA, their friends, family and colleagues to get knitting and help raise awareness of the disease and funds to support NRAS's work.

Whether you're an experienced knitter, a beginner or have never tried to knit before, you can get involved and hopefully have some fun too!

Many people with RA find knitting a gentle way to keep their hand joints moving and a very therapeutic activity.

Visit for more details and also to download a Knit Factor brochure, a pattern for baby bootees and a How to Knit guide for beginners as well as links to other knitting sites that may be useful. Or call the fundraising team on 01628 501547 if you would like us to post the information to you.

We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

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  • I have just bought some wool to knit a jumper, so I might join in too - I haven't knitted for years as I found it too painful, but read that little and often helped arthritic hands, so I thought i would have a go!!

    I will look at site, and thank you!


  • That would be great Pen, thank you!

  • Funny you should put this on here, only I have just requested a pattern from Battersea Dogs Home for the their blankets as that's about my limit on knitting! I will look at NRAS site to see if you want any blanket squares.

  • I hope you will get involved and thank you. I think blanket squares sound great and we could then tell others to send their squares in and see how many blankets we can make! Happy Knitting!

  • I am sad to say i can't read a knitting pattern. I will send you all good wishes in your endeavor. sylvi.xx

  • We have a great How to Knit Guide and a very simple pattern for baby booties on the NRAS website. Do have a look and see if it might help or you can always visit the UK Handknitting Association website which has some great hints and simple patterns to follow. Good luck!

  • Hi. I have just used these guides to teach my daughter how to knit. She is already creating the bootees for her friend's new baby.

    The guides are so helpful.

    My hands are awful, so I might try a few blanket squares and see if my hands are up to it.

  • I have just looked at the simple patterns on UK Handknitting Association, there is some great ideas on there. I am trying to learn new stitches and there is two other people from our WARM-NRAS group which are happy to do some knitting and hopefully teach me. We are going to try to take part in this and maybe have a local sale of the items, hopefully it will help my hands as long as i dont do too much at once, my daughter is also doing this with me as she has just given up smoking and this is giving her something to do.

    Many thanks for suggesting this

    Dana xx

  • I mostly do smallish projects now, but its a good reason to get out the knitting needles again. Have also alerted our local knitting group to the project, as we do charity knitting and there are several folk with some form of arthritis there.

  • This sounds like something I'd like to try. I'll check it out :-)


    Paula x

  • Thank you all for your comments and I am so glad that you are feeling inspired to get knitting! Great! We really look forward to seeing your wonderful creations and getting as many people involved as possible.

  • We have received lots of lovely knitted items which are being listed on the NRAS eBay shop as I type so do go and have a look later today at and see if you are tempted by anything! A huge thank you to all those who have knitted, we can't do it without you, so keep knitting!

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