Ailsa Bosworth NRAS Founder & CEO Awarded MBE in New Year's Honours

Ailsa Bosworth NRAS Founder & CEO Awarded MBE in New Year's Honours

In 2001 Ailsa launched a brand new patient organisation offering support for those living with RA and campaign for improved care and access to treatments. Who knew that 15 years later her amazing fortitude, passion and commitment to the cause, despite suffering so badly from RA herself, would be recognised in such a public way. Congratulations to Ailsa from all at NRAS. We are all so very proud to work for such a remarkable organisation and yours and others like you living with RA inspire all of us to continue to fly the flag and be the voice of those with RA in the UK.

If you want to find out more about supporting the work of NRAS visit

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  • Well deserved. Many congratulation to Ailsa Bosworth.

    Many thanks to her and her team , who work so hard day in day out, year after year. More power to your elbows (not forgetting all the other joints) !

  • Congratulations and well done to Ailsa and of course all the team. Well deserved and thanks for everything you all do for us xxxx

  • Congratulations well deserved.xxxx

  • Congratulations - well deserved. Thank you. X

  • Well done Ailsa, you deserve this honour. Your tireless work for NRAS and all of us who, like you, suffer from RA , should be recognised more than it is. Xx

  • Congratulations! I was so pleased when I heard. Many thanks to you & the team for all you do on our behalf. Thanks should also go to whoever nominated Ailsa & recognised the support given.

  • Bravo! I'd clap if it didn't hurt my knuckles...

  • Congratulations :)

  • Thank you all so much for your very kind comments. It was a lovely surprise when I heard in November and a great start for the New Year. May I wish all of you on HU a good New Year with as little pain as possible!


  • Wonderful news - congratulations Ailsa!

  • Yes great news - well done Ailsa.

  • Very well deserved. Really happy to see a familiar name on the list. Don't know what we would do without you and the team. Thanks for all your hard work and support. Enjoy buying the outfit and the hat! and look forward to seeing the photos of the moment. Best wishes. BG

  • Well deserved recognition for your relentless hard work Ailsa. Many congratulations.

  • Many congratulations. A fantastic start to 2016.

  • thank you no amount of words could explain how grateful I am. you took the time to think of others in similar situation and gave your time to help. if anyone deserves this award it is definitely you. enjoy your day.

  • Congratulation to Ailsa Bosworth. Many thanks also to the whole organisation around her, who work so hard day in day out, year after year. Just goes to show that good will and determination can and will make a difference. Hip hip hurray.

  • Congratulations, well deserved. Thank you for all the work you and your team do, I know when I discovered NRAS in 2008 via my GP, at the time it was like finding a friend, who has certainly helped me through some difficult times.

  • Congratulations and thanks to you all for the wonderful support x I

  • Such a wonderful person <3 !! I am overwhelmed by this woman offering support to people who stuggle with RA. We all need to love and support eachother with this disease. This wonderful woman had the knowledge to reach out to the UK offering her love and supportI I just hope she realizes that she has helped sooo many people from other countries. Her dream of people helping people has made a big difference in my life.

  • Canadians as well as Americans are greatful for Ailsa Bosworth too!! Congratulations

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