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Travel Insurance - anybody recommend a good one ?

I would like to try to plan a wee break abroad next year with the family. Gentle hugs xxxxx

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I found out my building society covered me for free travel insurance even though i have ra. I explained what medication i was taking and it was fine.



I use comparison sites like comparethemarket, or moneysupermarket. The big thing with travel insurance is whether they exclude preexisting conditions or not. You do have to do a bit more reading of the fine print on it, and make some decisions yourself about what you actually want covered. In my case, I generally don't mind that they exclude preexisting stuff if its cheaper, because thats not stuff that is generally going to require emergency treatment (as I would always take away emergency supplies of meds, etc). However I would want to make sure that accidents, surgery, etc, were all well covered. If you are on immune suppressants it might cost a lot more to get cover for infectious illnesses though. It can also depend on where you are going as well.

As Josie says though, if you can get insurance through something like credit cards or building societies, they often don't exclude preexisting stuff, so that really helps.

Definitely get yourself an EHIC card if you are travelling in the EU (the european health scheme) but don't rely on it to get all the help you need in an emergency or in every country.


I've travelled abroad a few times since RA diagnosis. First time I 'declared' my condition and it pushed the price up so subsequent times including 12th Jan 2013 - canny wait!! - I don't declare it. I feel if I have my meds with me there is not much anyone could do if I had a flare up which I havn't had when I've been in the sun..... I always have my EHIC card though just like earthwitch says, it's important to have that and remember you don't pay for it it is free to apply for through the proper website.

Judith x


I used 'Staysure' insurance company. They asked certain questions about RA eg have you had any joints resurfaced and quoted accordingly. Was not a bad price considering it was for 7 weeks duration and i am travelling to New Zealand! As Judith says i cant wait. I go in january. Hope everyone has good 2013. Suexx


I use Insure and Go or Travelability (or something like that!) - both are very good, the premiums are not too high and I have multiple problems too.


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