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Slow Progress Following Triple Ankle Fusion

Hello everyone but particularly Gina who is possibly the one to ask on this........

I had an operation on 12th September which was a triple fusion to my left ankle and was in plaster and non-weight bearing for the following 12 weeks. I was then fitted with a support boot and instructed that I could commence partial weight bearing on that foot and given some exercises to do.

It has been nearly 4 weeks since my last consultation and I am due to return on 10th January but I'm concerned about my lack of progress.

My foot is still very swollen and although that is to be expected, it is the increase in pain levels that concerns me. I seem to have particular pain in the top of the foot right on the ankle joint and just under the bone on either side of the foot.

Is this just because I am using it more or should I be worried? The pain at night is bad enough to keep me awake and varies from the electric shock type of nerve pain to the dull ache pain of bone and sharp pain of tendonitis.

Unfortunately I have a weak right knee so that leg has not been a great deal of use in supporting the left leg and I'm a bit worried that I may have over-used it and caused damage.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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Judy i had a knee revision( had knee replaced 3yrs ago and had tro be redone) in may and i was told 12mths minium before i could actually know it is mended. I have been told i am making a very good recovery and my surgeon is very very pleased.

The reason i have said this is because september is only a SHORT nwhile ago,give it time i know gina was a long time getting over this op, so please be patient,yes i know i am the same wanting everything yesterday.


Thanks Sylvi,

That's reassuring. I feel that I should be doing more but am prevented by pain either in foot, other knee or spine. Very frustrating. I've been staying with sisters since I left the residential home and am due to go home on 6th Jan.

I'm deparately homesick but also terribly worried about how I am going to manage on my own, particularly with my daughter's big and bouncy dog and 2 cats to care for.

The situation with my daughter is very, very complicated and delicate so I really can't ask for support from her and my son is working incredibly hard at the moment........Let's just hope that the community OT can sort something out for me when she visits me at home the following day.

I'm still not managing stairs successfully as my right knee won't take the strain and I'm only partially weight bearing on the other foot. Feeling a little woebegone at the moment.


Hi Judy. Sorry things aren't moving apace with your ankle as you would obviously like them to be doing. As Sylvi said Gina's also seemed to mend very slowly but she also had a lot more support at he than you so was able to rest it correctly etc. Why don't you look up some old blogs and find Gina's profile page and PM her as well as reading her blogs from when she was at the same stage as you? She may not be reading questions much just now is all I was thinking and sure she would be ideally placed to ask.

My first suggestion is that you phone the RSPCA and ask if there's somewhere the dog could go until you are properly mobile again. Who's looking after the big bouncy dog just now? I remember what you said about your daughter so understand that giving her back the dog and cats isn't an option but nor is you trying to look after them yourself while your ankle repairs?

I can understand how worrying all this must be for you and how frustrating it is re the pain you are experiencing. I do hope the community OT will be able to offer you some proper help. How has the stay gone with your sister - has she been okay with you I do hope so?

Take care, love Tilda xxx


I'd agree with Tilda that your health needs to come first, and having a big bouncy dog is just danger and disaster waiting to happen. You are going to have enough problem getting used to coping for yourself without having to think about animals. I think the idea of phoning RSPCA is a really good one - if its just going to be a temporary thing (even for 6 months or more) I am sure they will be able to help you find a temporary home for the animals to give you time to recover.


Judy, sorry to hear you're feeling woebegone.. Especially when you should be feeling pleased and excited to be finally getting home and becoming your own master again. it it certainly sounds as if you do need to talk to consultant, if not your GP before then, as pain that keeps you awake doesn't sound very good. And do take care before then.

The RSPCA does sound worth pursuing, or perhaps a local animal shelter may well know of volunteers who would help out with bouncy dog. Or is there a Cinnamon Trust near you? I have volunteered for them in the past for people who are temporarily unable to care for their pets, and I think quite a few people do daily dog walking, and even fostering. Bouncy dog and dodgy foot really don't sound made for each other at all!

But days are getting longer, and spring not far away, so try to stay positive... Pollyx


Hello Tilda, Earthwitch and Polly,

I know you talk sense on the dog issue and that I need to re-establish boundaries with my daughter and reclaim my house. (She and her boyfriend have been living in there while I have been away and I think I will have a bit of a wrestle to put it back to 'my space').

My daughter has very complicated emotional issues. Although her dog is gorgeous and I adore her she is pretty high maintenance. My daughter has formed a very strong emotional dependency on her so fostering her out could get quite messy with me taking the flack for it all (empathy for my situation is not her strong point).

Since being away, however, I have discovered that my daughter has arranged to pay someone to have her dog and socialise her with others for 3 days a week in order to give her a break (not a luxury afforded to me when I was at home and coping alone but I'm trying not to be bitter). I think that the way to go will be to insist that the 3 days is maintained and see whether she can also be taken for some extra days.

It's all such hard work................frankly I just want to get back to my little house and be independent again.

I'm beginning to wonder whether some of the pain is related to my spine which is not enjoying the uneven walking that the special boot gives. I have noticed that the numbness in my feet from previous nerve damage has increased a little and the sciatica is back in full force. That with minor incontinence problems is making me think I ought to get it checked out a little sooner than my appointment on 10th Jan. 300 miles is a bit of a drive unless I'm certain of the need though.

Anyway, enough moaning. It's not the end of the world, I am being looked after very well by my sisters and as Polly says , spring is around the corner. Thank you for your support ladies. xxxxxx


It's easy for us to say, as not our daughter, but it really does sounds if you need to steel yourself to put yourself first for a bit and try not to give way to daughter'ly demands/needs. Would your sisters, who are presumably her aunts, not help you in laying down some new ground rules so that they take some of the flack?

Getting properly fit after the fusion is top priority as this is the only moment when you can do it. With my GP I have in the past been able to speak to her on the phone, so could you call your surgery on Monday and see if they feel that the position is sufficiently urgent that you do need to go back earlier, or see a local GP to be checked out? Px


Yes, I'd seek support from people who can play the 'concerned relative' card but need not take the flack. Grown up children with or wiithout emotional issues are not wonderful at empathy in my experience. And doing anything that might alienate them is unpleasant especially when you are not feeling strong, it might be a different matter when everything is hunky dory. Hope spring and getting home is all it should be. Luce x


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