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Hey all,

So I've been dealing with RA for four years now, I'm currently 20, and I recently had a subtalor joint fusion in my right ankle. Unfortunately my hardware in my ankle got infected and they took it out. We're unsure if there was a nonfusion. The fusion doesn't seem to be working though, the past four years has been failed attempts of medication and all the shots you could think of, so my next option is full ankle fusion. I'm always in pain, fatigued from my RA and physical motions like walking are such a hard task. I've been in a walking cast for eight months now. So can anyone tell me if a full fusion would be helpful? (On a personal level)

Thank you


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  • You are young at 20 to have an ankle fusion, especially after only 4 years of RA. I've had RA since childhood, 46 years. I was told before Christmas I need a pantalar fusion by a Registrar, but when I saw the top foot surgeon, he said he didn't recommend that as it would stress all my other joints and would suggest an ankle replacement but, given my relatively young age (52), and the fact replacements have a finite life span, I should put surgery off for as long as possible. I thought that's what I'd already done! It's like walking on a broken ankle, pain is excruciating and very debilitating. Infected hardware, that was bad luck, I had post op infection in my first THR hardware. No joke - months in hospital and numerous surgeries and antibiotics, THR removed, no hip at all for 4 months, that pain was off the scale!

    Feet are complicated with so many bones and joints, I really don't look forward to any ankle surgery. Hope you get sorted out.

  • Hi

    I had a full ankle fusion in my late 20s and was the best thing ever. The pain has gone. Yes you are restricted with shoes but I feel it's a small price to pay. I have had RA since early 20s. I too had a walking cast before my op. With the full fusion the only movement will be a wiggle of your toes. It really was a relief to get it done. I have had 6 different fusions/ replacements.

  • I have OLT, so surgery is coming on my ankle soon. Doing research, I see that they can replace your ankle. I do not know if you were given this option or this is not an option for you?

  • My arthritis is too advanced and invasive replacement would cause more pain. Unfortunately

  • So sorry!😥

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