Don't give up get help

Hi not sure if I blogged in the past but I have been trying to get DLA for over three years. I have appealed twice but gave up after being turned down at the first hurdle. Well this time I did what I was told and went to the CAB to help me fill in the forms and low and behold I got the highest mobility and the lowest carers which includes free car tax. So I say to you all give it a go and get what's intitled to you.

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  • I am so glad Beeper that you persevered and also very pleased to see that CAB were a great help. We get lots of requests to help fill in forms for DLA etc so we know what we are doing and what to put down on the form to make sure you get your entitlements. Have a good Christmas. LavendarLady x

  • Great news just before, Christmas,have a great one x

  • well done! you can relax now. thanks for sharing.

    sandra. :)

  • Great news, congratulations,

  • It definitely makes sense to get help filling in the forms, and far too few people actually do that. The big reason to get help, is that it really matters exactly how you describe stuff. Its too easy to just put in one wrong word that DWP will interpret to mean that you don't have problems or disability, and if you do that, then no matter how much you describe what you do have problems with, that question has a big fat NO against it. CAB have access to the decision makers guides, so they are well experienced in what words to use. Its not about magnifying your symptoms, or describing only "worst" days - its about using exactly the right words so that there is no question for the decision maker about whether it fits criteria or not. Any doubt on their part means not.

    There are other things you can do to make it more likely to have success first off too, and one that is overlooked is to make sure you keep your doctors up to speed with your disability level. If DWP asks them to confirm what you have problems with, they can't do it if you haven't told them stuff. I have always made a summary of what I put on the DLA form and given it to my doctor before they get asked to do a report. That way it is in my file when they come to write the report for DLA, and chances are my docs will be singing from the same song sheet and it will tick boxes in DLA.

  • Its great to read that something good is happening for you at last Beeper - long may it last and Happy Christmas! Tilda x

  • I am delighted for you Bleeper, so glad to hear this you deserve it.

  • Beeper, i am so pleased for you i really am as i know how much it means to us to get told yes there is something wrong and that your not imageing it. So you have a good xmas and remember it will be back-dated. Sylvi.xx

  • What brilliant news and so heartening for the rest of us. I tried claiming about 5 years ago and gave up after I failed at tribunal - the helpful rheumy doctor put the wrong hip in her report so I looked like I was making it up as I went along. Not surprisingly, this is the same rheumy that told me recently that I don't have RA after all. Hence the second opinion next month. Thanks for sharing your good news. I might think about giving it a go again with the help of the CAB. Have a lovely Christmas x

  • Im so pleased for you x

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