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New, need help, ready to give up

I need help. I have RA & a few other diagnoses. I have a left hip impingement that needs to be reconstructed or replaced. So when I started have pain in my left pubic bone back in September, I sought the help of an ortho. Nearly 11 months later, I am still in pain. I was told that I probably have a stress fracture in my left inferior pubic ramus. I broke it on the recumbant bike early February. The day before Memorial Day I got a stress fracture in my right pubic ramus. I felt the pop. I was supposed to get an MRI last Thursday & a nerve block this coming Monday. I can not afford either. There isn't a promise that the nerve block will even work so I'm not too bummed. I've been seeing a physical medicine ortho since June 7th. He has me on a 10mcg per hour pain patch that has been helping some. I just don't understand why the doctors can't just fix me. My pubic bones hurt to the touch yet NONE of the doctors I have been to have touched my pubic bones. I've been to the PCP, 3 orthos & a PT. I haven't been able to work since May. I just wanna give up. Anyone else have this pubic pain problem? Thanks!

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Hi Jenbeth :-( i really feel for you. I have inpingement in my right shoulder & i am in agony today but you have more serious problems. I dont know whatbto advise other than if you are in so much pain get yourself to A&E . I am fed up with being fobed off with injections its getting me down too as it spreads into my neck. Why cant they listen to us & understand how much pain we are in! I do hope you can sort things out i cant imagine what pain you are in you shouldnt have to put up with it. Xx Alison


Hi Jenbeth, I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain. I don't have the conditions you do but I did find that I really had to fight and make a nuisance of myself to get the treatments I needed for my RA. Please please don't give Alison said get yourself down to A&E.

I don't much else to offer you expect a prayer that you get the pain relief and treatment you so desperately need. xx


Hello sorry to hear your are so much in pain hope you get some relief soon x


Thanks everyone :-) I'm just so tired, so ready to give up. Put a new pain patch on yesterday, ran a few errands today & had to pass out to sleep off the pain. Hubby came home, no idea what I've been up to, sees me on the couch, rolls his eyes, no one understands. I never complain, I just try


Update: I was diagnosed with ankylosing spodylitis in Nov 10'. None of the doctors i have seen in the past year have ever put that together. I in fact was in denial that i had it. I just developed severe back pain. The pubic bone pain that has plagued me for a year is coming from the strain of the ligaments that attach my sacrum to my pubic bones. I have noticed that when i do not wake up in severe back pain & unable to move, that the pain in my pubic bones is much less. I could hardly get out of bed this morning so i am hoping to have a nearly pubic bone pain free day. We'll see.

Now i just have to find a rheumy that will treat me. I hadn't seem one since last December, then i saw him 2 weeks ago. My gene test was negative for AS so he is ignoring all my diagnoses. I believe that he thinks i am over stating my symptoms or flat out faking.

I once wanted to give up but since posting my story on "Faces of AS" (I am face 965), & this & other help boards, i have received a ton of support & want to continue to find the right help.

Best wishes to all!!



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