Don't wait for check up reminder

I expect most "experienced" RA sufferers will be aware but the so-called automatic recall for a check up doesn't generally work- certainly not in my area. I've just rung to see when my next (annual) appointment would be (two months ahead of the expected date) only to find I wasn't on the list and the next available appointment wasn't until September. Fortunately for me I'm in remission but that's not the case for everyone. You have to be proactive or you're likely to be forgotten.

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  • That's not on is it? As you say it's just as well you rang & that you're in remission. Seems different areas or hospitals have different ways of doing things. The way mine works is as soon as I've seen my Rheumy or one of her Registrars I go back to reception & they give me another appointment for 6 months on. My nurse appointments come through the post.

  • It's funny how different areas work so differently isn't it! I started on a biologic in December 2016, reviewed by my consultant in February 2017, and given a review appointment in February 2018!! No nurse reviews or anything until then! Consultant did say I could get in touch before then if needed though.

  • It does seem to be pot luck.

  • I have been having 3 monthly appointments and most of them I've had to chase up.

  • It would be ok if you were told you'd have to do that, but in this area you're told it will be automatic. My dad has had similar problems and he has dementia. Fortunately my mum is able to chase things up for him.

  • it should be automatic at my hospital, but when I phone, they say "oh, the Dr hasn't put in the order"! Not trained properly on the IT system.

  • I always get the next appointment within a week of seeing the consultant- I go every six months.

  • You must have a good system in your area.

  • It seems so. I also get a copy of the report sent to my GP from my rheumatologist, lung doctor and orthopaedic surgeon.

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