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The side effects you don't get told about!


Since my diagnosis I have dropped coffee, tea and yesterday, boiling porridge on my leg. I got the bowl out of the microwave and just couldn't get a firm enough grip and the bowl went flying all over the kitchen and more importantly my leg from the knee down. I've now got four second degree burns on my lower leg. Great. I have during my time with RA hands dropped probably 20 cups, my Emma Bridgewater pottery and various other items! I wonder how much my RA has cost me? And I wonder if anyone else has had similar. Any advice or should I avoid all hot food in future?

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Hi, i too have the same problems, have gone through 6 cups, 3 glasses, 1 tray, and 5 plates, its costing me a fortune on new items and gadgets around the home, i get family to carry anything heavy or things out of the oven as have dropped food before ! Hope your burns are healing, aloe vera is great for that !

Karen x


I did drop a lot of stuff last year including a kettle full of boiling water - narrowly missed myself and the dog thankfully! I told GP last year that my grip strength had gone and I was dropping stuff a lot and he said that was about muscle waste because of joint pain so he referred me to the physio. Since then I've been doing all the physio exercises daily my hands and arms are much, much stronger and I can lift almost the same amount as before now although I'm more careful not to strain my fingers, wrists and shoulders in order to prevent further problems. The OT was good too as she watched me doing stuff around the house and in my studio and gave me advice and gadgets to help. TTx

Hi i have this problem and use cups with big handles but small quantities!!!! If anything is heavy i get the family to get it for me.l The OT was great and suggested wrist splints for me which seem to help my grip, and fluffy towels help me as they seem to get the plates into a better grip for me, good luck!!!! Also just getting phsio as Tilda says they say the muscles get lax when u get RA. I dont know if they would help but u can get knifes forks etc with non slip handles and the ot said just use fine plumbers pipe lagging and that helps if you put it around things, might help love Axx

Very helpful. Thank you very much all xxx

I'm always dropping things even now. I've just brought mugs with handles both sides,i also have cutlery with thick handles.Got hubby to cook for me. I also get frustrated when i drop things.There is always things that can be put on trays that stop things slipping. Thick pens to hold as can't grip small ones.

You have to laugh at us don't you,when you drop something you feel such a fool!!! It gets embarrassing when your out too. There is a thing you can buy either in betterware or kleeneze book that can be clipped on to pans think it works on plates as well.


Oh yes, the hand weakness. I dropped a full glass of ice-water once on my full plate of hot food. Now I only fill a glass up 1/2 way so that it is lighter. I carry things with my arms instead of my hands-mostly. I also burned myself last Thanksgiving, trying to take something out of the oven from the bottom rack and so I have another scar on my hand.


I am at my wits end with dropping things I have been to my GP, get no were fast I applied for DLA.I told them I have scolded my self be fore to day because I can not feel things in my hands. To be told surly you no if some things are hot or not I am so depressed and really dont want to be bothered even getting dressed no more

WiseSarah in reply to isabell

Oh Isabell, I'm so sorry, that's awful. I saw my rheumatologist today and told her and she said because of the wrist swelling and finger joint swelling I would lose my grip. She said to wear hand supports and to take care. Much nicer than your doctor who sounds very uncaring. It IS all very depressing. I have been on antidepressants for about 3 years now and in fact just trying to decrease the dose a bit now. you're not alone though. We are all here to support you and help. Xxx

thank you your kind words lifted me up. my GP is of no help does'nt seem to be bothered even though I told him how down I am, I care for my son but can not even do that propley now, were do I go from here x

I think you should contact Sylvi who leaves lots of comments and blogs. She always has great advice and is really knowledgeable. I don't think GP's really understand RA. I was told that lots of people with rheumatoid get very depressed. Do you have a rheumatologist? Yes very difficult with children. Especially when we're so tired all the time too. They end up caring for us I think. It changes your life in every way you can think of and ways you can't think of. I wish I could give you a big hug xxxx

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