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New appointment

Good morning

I have changed hospitals for my RA

Wishing I hadn’t done to be honest .

The new Rhuematology consultant was so difficult to hear and understand I had a hard time hearing him mumbling .

He claimed to have read all my notes from my previous consultant which I very much doubt he did after reading a letter from his conclusion as a rheumatologist yesterday I could feel myself bubbling up in frustration .

1) he failed to check my current medication

His conclusion was I’m in Thyroxin D3 ?????

I’m on Naproxen & paracetsmol Which I am not

and on leflunomide and hydroxy -correct

Their is no mention of previous meds that I couldn’t tolerate eg -: Biologics methotrexate sulfas or Jax inhibitors

No mention of xrays except the one before jax inhibitors were issued

He asked if I drove ?

Do I drive a manual car ?

All I’ve mentioned above was documented

Plus he mentioned I’ve no active disease but didn’t say my hip is agony or my neck . He told me it’s wear and tear .

Also documented in the letter I have +2 protein in my wee ?????

I’m quite bemused 🧐

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Did you change hospitals because you were unhappy with the last one? And is there someone who comes recommended at the new hospital that you could maybe ask to see instead next time? In my experience, once you're on the hospital's list it's straightforward to switch consultants but not necessarily easy to request one directly from the outside. It doesn't sound like a very helpful consultation and not one you want to repeat.

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I changed consultant due to moving house . I didn’t want a long drive to see the previous consultant

I feel it’s been a right waste of time .

Wish I’d had stayed with familiar territory!

What a let down


Drs are only people I think lol but not feared, ask him/her to speak up and that’s that. Tell them that your the boss, like it or lump it.

All jokes aside, that’s all you need to say, PARDON I CANT HEAR YOU. WHAT DID YOU SAY THE TIME WAS?.


Oh repeatedly I asked the question , but his tone was still the same 🙄


Oh dear he doesn't seem as good as your last rheumatologist, perhaps you need to change back to your old one.


I had a similar dilemma when I moved house. I spoke to my old rheumatologist before changing and he told me to book another appointment with him, just in case, and to cancel that appointment once I knew I was happy at the new hospital. My first appointment at the new hospital was awful. I saw a locum and I felt very unhappy when I left, so expected to go back to the old one. My next appointment with the consultant at the new hospital was totally different. She introduced herself, told me she would be my consultant from then on and gave me a thorough examination, with X-rays of my hands and feet. I felt so much happier coming out of that appointment knowing I was being properly looked after. Hopefully you’ll have a similar experience


That’s good to know Thank you for sharing.

I felt it a complete waste of my time.

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I considered changing hospitals as I travel to a hospital outside my area but not too far away.

I saw one consultant who was really good and now under another who says no sign of any synovitis. How can they tell without an ultrasound or disease activity.

I think I will stay where I am taking better the devil you know.

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Exactly my point . If your happy with your current consultant then stay with them x


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