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First appointment with rheumatolog

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well seen my rheumatoid docter ( eventually), I explained the swelling and pain on both sides of all my joints and difficulty walking upstairs, he checked my joints and noted I had tender hands and feet, when he checked my right shoulder it was clicking and cracking quite bad and he asked me twice if I have had an accident with my right shoulder which I replied I havnt, he has then sent me for xrays and scans on my feet, hands and chest and more blood tests to look more closely at arthritis, and I need to go back in 6 weeks for results and maybe answers, I asked him what does he think what's going on as I'm only 34 and walking like an old woman 😞, , ge says it could be related to my crohns? Which is showing no inflammation at the moment?, so I don't understand that, how can my joints hurt when there's no inflammation in bowels?, all blood tests checks and inflammation checks are all negative? Would love some advice 😞

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It could be your crohns or it could be the ra ravaging your body darling.Try not to worry too much or you will envisage all sorts of problems and it might be none of it at all. There is only six weeks until you get an answer. I think it is more like your RA doing the damage.xxxxx

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thanks sylvi, think the waiting is the worst part but hopefully I might have some answers soon, its just a guessing game at the min xxx

Did they not offer a steroid jab in the meantime?

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no they didn't, think they want to see what's going on first

Sending a soft virtual hug x

You rheumy seems to be very thorough and getting loads of tests done which should give him a better idea of what is going on. It's a nasty time, waiting for answers, but try to be patient. Easier said than done I know. Perhaps a visit to your GP for painkillers or something to tide you over could be an option? In the meantime big gentle virtual hugs from me


Hi Lou, I am in Exactly the same situation as you at the moment! BUT I was prescribed Naproxen which is anti inflammatory and pain reliever in one tablet, twice a day. You could ask your GP while you're waiting to go back to see your Rheumy? I'm back next Wednesday, desperately hoping for some answers. I feel your pain! Literally! Take care x

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