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It's now 5.00am

The pain and stiffness woke me sgain so downstairs I trundle trying not to wake all in my clumsy attempts. Kettle on cup of tea, that'll do it and why not, a mince pie, taste the difference mind you:-)

My mums here now hor the Christmas week o what joys, no actually it's great having her here we can compare notes as she has severe OA that should be fun. I am feeling scared I suppose and maybe a little in denial about it all; I think I have been abit on auto pilot for last couple of months, taking meds, worrying about work, pay, children, wife etc. I am starting to think hold on Will you have to adapt and change things so you can manage this, is that bull SH.. Not sure yet.

MRI Saturday which will give me more information, lets see where that takes me, thanks for listening to my rambling it really does help


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Hi saffron has you iv been up since 4.30 awake way before but can down and put kettle on.

I still cant get my head round this dam thing but as hubby says its not going to go away i have to try and live with it .i hope you get your ansures to morrow and have a great xmas (sorry about spelling heads not awake yes)karenx


Thank you, yes Im doing a lot of soul searching at the moment, mince pies really help:-)


Hello Saffron hope tea and mince pies helped.

Like you I have been woken several times this week with burning knees, so I feel for you.

Like you I hobble around with my dog in tow till we both make ourselves as comfy as possible... I often think my dog was a cat in a previous life as all he wants is a cuddle.

Hopefully the stiffness wont spread to your jaw to impede the enjoyment of mince pies and brandy cream... For me its terrible to feel the pain of my jaw locking as I am try to enjoy a tasty morsal and the the crack and paon as it releases! Ouch.

All the best and hope you enjoy christmas.


Morning saffron,like you i have been down here since silly o'clock and i think i have had about three hours sleep. Hope you enjoyed your mince pie. Love sylvi.xx


It was lovely thanks, sadly I'm up most mornings very early, the pain wakes and I'm so stiff when waking just can't stay in bed.

Hope your Christmas is good


Hope yours is


It's someone snoring that cuts into my sleep and then I start feeling the joints! I hope the mince pie helped and that you relax over Christmas.


Hi Saffron,

I was up in the night making toast for me and hubby. I woke him up and then neither of us could get back to sleep. We should definitely start a night time club.

Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep later.



Got up at 4.30 yesterday, made hot chocolate, cuddled up on sofa with cat and watched an old Aussie film set on one of the coral reef islands with James Mason and a very young Helen Mirren.

A really nice little feel good movie. She was so beautiful swimming in the turquoise ocean. Misleading name of film is Age of Consent. Back to bed at 7.30 am, chucked hubby out then I slept til 10.30......oops, what the hell, never mind.

Christmas wishes to all.



Hi All, I was up too but couldn't go online because I was sleeping in my studio above our house. Didn't wake in pain - instead woke too hot because I was sleeping on a sofa and my memory foam topper had enveloped me! The wind speed here is very high and it was howling all night so dog and I both very jumpy with all the bangs of trees knocking the studio roof etc. First night I've slept up there - took Amitriptyline and so now I'm completely boggle eyed! They are my favourite pills though as they mean I do at least get a block of sleep usually and they stop me peeing as much in the night - or thinking about whether I need to so great for bladder control as well as neuropathic pain. They beat mince pies for me any day! Tilda xx



As ive said befor it can all go away did for me twice before but left me with a few not to bother problems.

i beleive its all to do with the emune system going hay wire then it goes upps and sorts it self out a bit.

well we can live in hope

merry christmas to you and family

regards john


Thanks John

Yes your right hope you have a good Christmas too


For once, I wasn't up in the night, thanks to some wine last night, but I can sympathise with you all as so often I'm awake and reading at silly hours, if I can hold the book!

I must get some mince pies for future use - didn't realise they were so good for pain management! While I have amitriptyline here, they wouldn't be so good with a dollop of clotted cream as the mince pies, so if anyone is heading for Tescos...............!!

Ally x


Less side effects to the mince pies, well so I'm told. Mince pie in one hand iPhone in other :)


I'm a bit off mince pies because our dog managed to get hold of one the other day and ate it all, including the foil container! Luckily for us he brought most of it up (the foil at least) but mince pies don't look so enticing to me now - cream or no!


Me neither now:-)


Good - might not be that helpful re the post Xmas weightloss Will?!

And also, do you have a family nintendo wii? If so the Wii Fit Plus is a brilliant way of doing exercises with the kids in a fun way that you might find really helpful. My oldest boy is just home from uni and he and the dogs have just sat and watched me do my daily 40 minute work out on ours. I'm the only one who has kept it going but I pointed out that he spends money on the gym where I do as much exercise on the wii per week for free! And unlike the gym you can start with a really gentle set of exercises and gradually build up. Sorry I promise I'm not a sales rep but it's been life changing for me and the kids have seen me go from being 5 stone heavier and really unfit and in a lot of pain to being mostly pain free and pretty fit for a woman who turns 50 in 2 weeks time!

It does change your life but you will adapt and learn to reap the benefits of looking after yourself well and learning to listen to your body better. Even though I'm on MTX and Hydroxy same amount as you I do feel far younger than my years where 2 years ago I felt ancient, always in pain and so stiff. Tilda x


Hi Saffron. Welcome to the (male club of RA. I know how you feel, you sound as tho you are going through what I did when I got hit by RA. Sleep disruption adds to the discomfort as you feel tired but can't sleep! All the best for xmas and keep taking the tablets:-)


Thank you I have had thoughts of stopping them recently but must persevere I know. Yes it is difficult as there are always expectations.

You have a good Christmas


I think we have quite a few members of the 430 am club I am too x


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