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Good news after a painful week!!

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Hi all

I just wanted to share my news with you all as you all sent me luck for my interview for promotion this week. Well at 5.45pm yesterday I was told I was successful and they have offered me the position. I get a company car too which i am delighted about as I was knocked back for mobility car. My RA is only 1 year old so they didn't seem to think I was bad enough.

I've had a crap week as well as both my hands and wrists has been flaring since last Saturday, the inflammation just jumps from one had to the other. My right hand painful as i am writing this blog.

My appt got rescheduled to September so i may ring my specialist nurse at the rhuemy clinic for some advice as I don't know if my GP can increase my meds or it has to be hospital.

Anyway the news has cheered me up and I just hope my RA gets back under control with this new job I will not let it affect me now..

Thanks for all you good luck wishes as it seems to have done the trick. Going to celebrate tonight with a little tipple of two..


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That is brilliant news Deb - well done!!!! TTxxx

Congratulations! I hope it is a sign of great things to come for you x

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Debs congratulations,it just goes to prove that despite having ra you can still get work. Best news i've heard on here today,long may you enjoy your new job. sylvi.xx

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Well done, its great to know some employers are open minded to "disabled" or long term illness. Axx

Well done Deb. xx

Well done you!! I was promoted in April this year, and then became quite ill and have been on long term sick but am feeling better so looking to return soon. My boss is great and we met up for a chat and a coffee this week. He keeps telling me not to rush and to take my time as he doesn't want me going back and then being I'll again within a couple of weeks.

Working and having RA is not easy, but with good company policies and great bosses, it can be worthwhile and good for the soul.

Much love. Annie xx

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that is fantastic to hear that Annie, i got a sort of promotion, new title, more work but no more pay (i am obviously a dim to agree it) but i have been real worried about going off ill since then.

fantastic deb, well done. What type of car are you getting? I can't afford a new one yet so i am always lusting after other people's.

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Mads, i got less hours, change of job and more money so I guess I am lucky eh. I have a weekly 15 mins chat with the boss just to touch base and let him know how good or bad I am feeling. He also likes to chat with me to fill me in with the gossip and have his own rant. I can be relied on to keep it quiet unlike some of my colleagues. I think because we have these chats we have an honest and open attitude so he can see I am not faking it when I am ill.

On the car front, I just ordered a new ford grand c-max in white, automatic. I've got it on the Motability scheme. After trawling the dealerships and getting in and out of many cars, this is the best one to suit my needs and has an electric boot so it will open and close at the press of a button. I need this as I can't reach up or have the strength to close it again. Ford is the only car to do this.

Much love. Angie. (predictive text always puts Annie when I need Angie !)

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Oh a ford grand cmax in white that sounds so lovely. Your job sounds like a dream. There is so many poIitics in my place that in order to have an easy life i say little and do enough.

i have a 9 year old Toyota yaris automatic. It has 129,000 miles and it is petrol and i got a second hand engine in it a few years back. I lost the back wiper last week and this week the radio ariel fell off. That is a bit of a bummer as i like listening to it. Now that i have it so long i really feel the need to try and get 150,000 miles on it but deep down i would like to get another.

Both girls are out tonight - 7 year old at a disco and 11 year old at a pre camp meeting but i have two smelly dogs desperate to get out.

Going to relax and watch a load of silly programmes now...Good night Angie.

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Mads, my twin 9 year olds have gone to girls brigade camp for the weekend. They are in a building not under canvas so not what I call camping! They will be home sunday late afternoon. I'm going to my mums tomorrow to stay over so that we can shop, lunch, and relax. She lives by the north kent coast and you can see the sea from her windows. If this wind keeps up mind I will only be viewing from the window! I have a sporty fiesta st at the moment that I took over from my son when he couldn't afford it anymore. Its too low for me and changing gears is agony on hands and feet.

My sons have the footy on so I'm off upstairs to pack and finish the ironing. Xx

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it must be the weekend for the scouts and guides - at least your daughters are under a roof. My daughter was supposed to be camping from tonight but it was too wet and it was beside the sea so they were worried about safety so what the guide leaders are doing are transporting the children up and down the road each day.

Honestly those volunteers that do this are really great, i can think of 101 things to do that do not include driving children about in wind and rain.

Low cars are a real pain, my brother has a honda civic and i can get in no problem but getting out is such a difficulty.

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Hi mads. I'm getting new astra in white. Automatic of course. I get to pick my own spec as well so going to get some nice trendy bits inside

I've dab radio etc. ordering tmmow.

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oh so lovely, i am very jealous

Good news Deb well done x

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Hi Debbie

congrats on your new position & company car. I hope the RA behaves itself and does not cause to much of a nuisance in the future.

Joanne x

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I know it's corny, but hey :)

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Whoops ...

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BossyB in reply to PeteC

That's brilliant Pete thanks very much..


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Congratulations - something to smile about xxxx Judi

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