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hi guys I dont know if I allowed to put this on here, but here goes.

I was scammed last night with a text from my daughter I thought but it started with hi Mum my phone has dropped in the loo and have a new number and a new phone. I paid the money and left loads of voicemails and text to the number. The next day my daughter rang me I asked about the money I sent her and no idea what I was talking about. Rang my bank and luckily they had stopped it. Nationwide were brilliant!! I got my money back. So just be very careful, I am shocked and angry I feel for it. It came on a text message. Take care

61 Replies
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So sorry to hear that - there are some horrible people out there 😤

There was an item on this scam on You and Yours on Radio 4 a while ago and lots of people rang in to say that they'd been taken in by it so you're not alone.

Great that your bank sorted it out 👌

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Hi Carol, thanks for the warning. I'm glad you got the money back, good on your bank for that - those responsible really are sw--es aren't they!

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horseygirl_0103 in reply to springcross

Thanks for letting me know - glad you got your card stopped just goes to show the deviousness criminals will go to to get their drugs

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I'm sorry you've been scammed but glad you got your money back. I had a txt very like yours but I've had similar ones before so was dubious. WhatsApp'd my girls who confirmed it was baloney so blocked and deleted it

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Sorry to hear about this . Isnt it disgusting the tricks they use like texts from a family member.

Thank goodness you got your money back.

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It just shows how very easy it is too scam people and I'm sorry it happened to you. I think its all too easy and a crime that seems to be almost impossible to stop. And thats it you were not a victim of a scammer but a criminal. And that criminal is probably living the high life on his/her victims misery. xxx

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It’s horrible indeed there are so many crooks either phoning or texting to innocent people and they want to panic you into doing something to help as such re your daughter. I’m glad your bank were fast to act.

Forgot to add I had email scams last year from a woman I didn’t know as a friend but I’d given her my email as she was the organiser/admin of a language group I attended pre pandemic. The emails said she was travelling in France alone and needed someone to help her send some money to her niece back home for her birthday as her own bank card had a problem and she couldn't sort it out. Of course it wasn’t true. Very odd and the lady would never have asked me that. I had lots of post office scam texts over the past couple of years to phone to pay for a delivery I’d missed. Many people were caught out there. 😑

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happyinlove in reply to Neonkittie17

I have stopped answering my house phone

Every tine I answer it I get a warning from Vietnamese sounding woman warning me my Amazon or sone other bank account has been suspended

I put the phone down

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Neonkittie17 in reply to happyinlove

I have my landline answerphone on permanently since mid 80s! Some weird guy my partner knew from school days sadly had some mental issues and thought it was funny to send off for brochures and to request phone calls for hundreds of products and services. I had angry people phoning me for years. 😑 I wanted the police to visit but the guy’s mother was very unwell so I thought it could cause her a lot of trouble. He’s still sending us crazy letters and stupid postcards 30 years on. We have no idea where he lives anymore but we live 20 miles from where he used to live so hopefully he’s not moved nearer to us.

I’ve had the heavy accent voicemails to renew my annual Amazon account now recently. Texts too. It’s not them as I pay for Amazon a different way.

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

yes I get lots of missed delivery ones asks you to pay the charge for re delivery x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Yes had some of those too and phone calls trying to get bank details. Ugh.

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

luckily I’ve not had phone calls trying to get bank details x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Those are unbelievable. I’ve had so mental I’m actually rude to them now and that’s not my nature but they actually deserve it!

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

definitely x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11


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gosh what a shock for you !!!

I had a similar thing happen to me from a friend on “messenger”. Said. Have you claimed your prize money yet?what money I said, they continued by saying they had won some money and that my name was down on the list of prize winners. I was puzzled, but it took me quite awhile before I realised that this friend wouldn’t have really said all this in a text. Now I am afraid to write on messenger, now if this is happening on ordinary text messages it’s awful and surly in time this sort of thing is just going to escalate and overpower all of us. Where’s the answer, who can we trust anymore.

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This type of scam is becoming increasingly common I’m afraid, we've to be so aware nowadays. My sister in law had similar close to Christmas last year, supposedly from her son who lives in Australia but the wording alerted her, the phrasing & addressing of her just wasn't typical of him. She called him just to make sure & she was correct, it hadn’t been him.

I'm pleased your bank acted as they did Carol, as should be expected.

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This happened to my Mum !!! She thought she had a text from me asking for £2900 .she was in the process of paying it when she decided to call my husband as she had deleted my original number just to check .Luckliy her bank had timed out so the payment didn’t go through .

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I had a text similar to yours. I was in A&E with my very poorly husband (apparently they can locate where you are) but I’d heard about the scam & deleted it Good that you got your money back.

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Anything unexpected to do with money needs to be treated with caution. I had a similar text from my granddaughter (not) so I rang her old mobile number and lo and behold it wasn't from her. Nasty people out there so we need to be very careful.

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I also got a text like that only it was my son, I texted back but they made an error that sparked my fears that it was a scam, it was quite plausible though, it could actually happen to anyone. Scumbags!

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sorry to hear that you had been scanned, i have had lot of those texts over the last few months, i just delete them, there are a lot of scans going on at present, if it sounds to good " you have won.... or you have been chosen..... we have you parcel.... we have tried to deliver.... bin every time.

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ive been scammed too. They rang pretending to be the bank and it even came up on my mobile screen as the banks fraud numberand they were able to send text messages in the same feed as the genuine ones.

I realised after id been on the phone for about 20 minutes and given away details of two accounts.

I was then able to ring the bank and stop it but I had to do it from my husband's phone because I didn't trust my own.

You have to be so careful.

Remember nowadays though most younger people dont remember phone numbers so if they lose their phone they won't have your mobile number . They will use Facebook messenger or other social media.

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I am constantly getting text to say a parcel has arrivedk and to pay this small amount of money to get it resent.I know I am not expecting a parcel so block n delete the number without opening the full text but still they seem to get round that and send from a different number.ruthless people

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it’s being advertised for a few months and when it came out both my sons said just incase it happens we will ask for grandkids birthday day etc something that only their would know. Sorry you fell for it my oldest was scammed few years ago while serving in Afghan he also got money back. Hopefully you report the number to 7266 scam text

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Thank you for warning, seems a common one these days. Bank normally refunds in scam cases as long as it can prove it was a scam. This type of scam never affects me as my family don't borrow money. If they did, they would come to the house to ask.

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I had one on WhatsApp - just saying , " Hi Mum , it's me . Have just changed my phone , here's the new number . Delete my old one ." Nothing else , no request for money .

I have 3 adult children , we use WhatsApp so could have been any of them . I typed the sentence into Google and it came up immediately as a scam .

Apparently, they now start off slowly then escalate witb money requests if you engage with them . Just report and block .

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Otto11 in reply to Briefencounter

Yes that’s what I had on Thursday. It asked me to contact my daughter on new What’s App number. Like you we also use what’s app. They never asked for money either which is why I thought it may be real & checked it out with my daughter. X

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the same happened too me , I was very worried. My husband said think about it no name or any thing it’s a scam delete it . If I had been on my own I would have open it . Horrible people x

so glad you didnt loose your money x

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i am so glad the bank stopped the payments going through. I had a phone call in the week say i won a price and they need my bank account to go i or give them my bank card details. I said i was not born yesterday put the phone down and blocked the numbers. As bank allways said no one asks for your card details. Have to be careful these days. But i am glad you got your money back. Xx thanks for letting us know x

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You've just got to be so careful now. My husband is getting loads of scam texts and emails at the moment. Yesterday an email from Amazon saying someone had tried to get on his account, knew that was a scam because right underneath was a genuine one from Amazon, scam one Amazon didn't start with a capital A, genuine one did. He keeps getting text saying there's a parcel waiting to be delivered and there's £1.45 to pay. He's even had one saying he's been in contact with someone with covid, they've stopped sending them out. The one from the post office about a parcel, it's not the post office that deals with parcels, it's Royal Mail that handles the post.

So glad you've got your money back.

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I’m so sorry this has happened to you. How awful. I had almost the same text a few days ago. It also started hi mum I dropped my phone & it smashed. I’m texting you from a friends phone but the battery is about to die can you what’s app to this number please. It’s urgent. In a panic I tried to do it but then thought hang on my daughter is ill in bed so how would she have borrowed a friends phone. I rang her to check & she said come on mum you know it’s a scam! I received the same text again on Thursday. So beware everyone x

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I had exactly the same message but the only thing that stopped me following through was the way it was worded - it just didn't sound like my daughter. Glad you got your money back - Nationwide are very good.

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They are so cruel aren't they.. They do scare you like they did me earlier this year. Thankfully they didin't get any money, but i went on holiday with no cards.xxxx

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I live in the US and we have the same problem here with scammers! Someone is either trying to get you to send them money, getting into your bank account number or trying to use your social security number to claim your identity. I have had to get 5 Discover credit cards replaced and each time it’s a hassle because I have so many automatic payments. I have to call all those companies to set up payments with my new number.

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This exact text message has been going round quite a while now. It has even been reported on this health unlocked platform recently. Never respond to such messages.

Forgive me if I offend anyone but I’m still amazed at how many people are taken in by such without using their due diligence and common sense when receiving such messages, whether by phone, email or text. No wonder these scammers continue to fleece people.

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clever arent they , horrible thieves x

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so sorry to hear about this. Thanks for letting us know to watch out! There are some really unkind people out there 💐

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A friend told me yesterday exactly the same scam happened to her this week....So glad you got your money back. Not nice at all. Some scams are so wicked and convincing. Take care.

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yes this happened to me on 2 occasions. Luckily I new it was a scam as they asked me for £200, pretending to be my son. However quick phone call to my son soon put pay to it!

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Yes Carolsos, there was something about this on tv the other night and i shared a watning from facebook about it to friends and relatives

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Carolsos in reply to madme1

I have not been on hete for a while, my partner is now in hospital and has to stop his cancer treatment as hes hot an infectiou. I am also in a middle of moving out my flat, so packing and then this happens, was not thinking as got so much on my mind!! But its done now and moving on. I was very lucky and got my money back! I am normally so up on these scams but not yesterday.

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Carolsos in reply to Carolsos

sorry about the spelling

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madme1 in reply to Carolsos

Its the scammers fault entirely not yours.

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madme1 in reply to Carolsos

Are ever on your desktop and an alarm sounds warning you that there is a fault with the security on your computer, the best thing you can do is switcht it off as its this that breaks the link.

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Boxerlady in reply to Carolsos

It's easy for any of us to fall for this sort of thing and especially cruel when you're already dealing with so much.

Hope that your partner manages to fight off the infection quickly and get back onto his treatment and that your move goes as smoothly as possible 💐

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Had the same text. Hi, dad, I’ve lost my phone. Sent my bank details. Panicked, phoned the Bank. Money stopped. RBS had already stopped the transaction. Top marks to RBS.

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Glad you got your money back. I got an indecent email last night. Where do they crawl out of?

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Yes I had this text back in June. Luckily I’d read about it and knew it was a scam. If you have more than one child it doesn’t really work either as how do you know which one is texting?

However, I did get caught by a scammer back in Aug. Told me that 3 iphones had been bought on my Amazon account - I checked and there they were waiting to be checked out. The scammers assured me that they would get my money back and, under this guise got me to log in to my various accounts supposedly to pay money back in.. I realise now that, dozy having been asleep till the phone call came, I was really stupid to get involved with it at all. In full they could have got about £3,000 but I realised just in time and managed to hang up and the banks refunded most of the money. It was also a big hassle changing passwords and credit cards etc and my internet banking access is still not easy. Of course when I read the Amazon small print I realised that they would never contact me in that way -and I would put the phone down at once.

Never thought I’d get caught but as the banks said the scammers vary their methods all the time…,..

Georgiab123 profile image

yes it’s going around be careful my daughter said she would always ring x

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This unfortunately is a scam that has around for some time and in the news quite a bit. Thankfully you got the money back. Its surprising how many have been caught out x

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I’m really sorry to hear that and really glad your bank were able to stop it. I’ve had several scam texts recently and found that Which? have a free email scan alert service where they let you know about current scams, how to report them and what to do if you’ve fallen victim. I’ve only just signed up so not sure how good it is but thought it worth a try.

Carolsos profile image
Carolsos in reply to Doobie-Doo

likewise I have just font that

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And the cycle of greed in our world grows and perpetuates! I’m saddened by your experience but I am no longer surprised (very sad current state of affairs in the world). I have been scammed numerous times in the last 18 months, loss of thousands of dollars! It’s shocking to realize that many individuals plan their lives based on the next scam. If they would use that brainpower and energy and creativity in a positive way…WOW! The world and the human race may actually thrive. Hard lessons with probably more to come! Yes, great company to protect your interest! Stay sharp! Me, too:)!

Smittybear7 profile image

Thank you very much much for sharing

Carolsos profile image
Carolsos in reply to Smittybear7

I want to shout it off the rooftops!!!

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some low life about

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the banks are really on the ball at moment thankfully. We can all get taken in, even if we're careful, NatWest is good too. Glad you got sorted.

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omg! Glad you’re bank were so good. I always ‘clear my cookies’ every time I go online. Lessens risks but some can be very persistent. I also block phone numbers I don’t recognise. We have to be very vigilant nowadays.

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it very easy to fool for these scams. We have to up our game, we have to rely on ourselves not to give out our details to anyone and certainty never our cash. Lots of people get ripped of by bogas charities. Never give detailes to someone on the high street. Even if they are genuine the company they work for will take the fist two to three years donation instead of the charity.

Never use a number you have been given, if its a cold call make sure the line is clear before you phone your bank.

Officials dont care about these scams its upto us to stop them.

Its good to hear you managed to stop the payment.

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