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'Washday fun'

Have just gone three rounds with a box of washing powder.My daughter asked if I would pop some washing in for her as she needed her black trousers for tomorrow."Yes of course I will,not a problem "I said.How wrong I was!

The fun started when I realised I would have to tackle a large new box of powder stored in the cupboard under the stairs..Problem one ;-

How do I pick it up? Not being able to crouch or kneel I decided on bending from the waist with a slight twist to the right creating a shape similar to a jack- knifed lorry .I wrapped my arms around the box clutched it to my bosom and tottered off into the kitchen.Was feeling quite proud at this point.Hauled it onto the worktop and discovered problem two:-

The dreaded opening instructions.'Pull flap and tear back to the dotted line'.No chance! Looked around for useful implements.Solved the first part of the problem with the help of a pair of grill tongs .Picked up scissors to deal with' dotted line'.They wouldn't cut through.Had no idea cardboard could be so tough.Had to use my dressmaking scissors in a bizarre rocking motion.

Problem three:- The powder was damp and wouldn't leave the box under any circumstances.Solved this by digging into the powder with a large soup serving spoon.If I'd closed my eyes I could have been on the beach.

Just making myself a cup of tea after my washday workout when the phone rang.It was my daughter."Mum, did you remember to put my black trousers in the wash"?

Me "Yes of course I did,no problem"

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What a laugh, glad you manage it in the end,but so funny reading your tale of woe. xx


Very good. I personally would have soaked the cardboard off by placing the whole packet in a bowl of water, then pouring the now liquified contents into an empty container and using it in liquid form. It could always be dried out later if you wished and converted back to powder with a hammer. This could then be used in the laundry of the sanatorium where you probably are by now, to clean the white coats of the nurses.


Not the hammer - the washing powder I mean. You could use the hammer for something else, such as cracking a nut, so long as it isn't mine.


Excellent...sums it up!


Well that's alright then. I'm still trying to get to grips with it. Was this blog just a dream I had?


A v funny blog.. I think those boxes of washing powder are far too heavy and awkward.. x


I love this! Good on you for not giving up!

Messages like this make me smile, because what ever is thrown at us - some way or another we get round lifes little obstacles - even if it takes us longer - it makes us stronger!

Happy washing day!!!

Pen x


Simply brilliant!!

thanks for the entertainment, made me laugh out loud.



Very funny - made me laugh. Have had similar problems wrestling with cardboard boxes so usually take my sharpest knife or a pair of scissors.

I did get a "grabber" to pick things up which is useful except it has the distressing habit of folding up in the middle if it is round the wrong way!

Glad your daughter's trousers got washed but depending on how old she is, shouldn't she be doing her own washing?

Keep on atroshing as we say in Norfolk. LavendarLady x


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