What are we to do ?

I went to see my rheumatologist last week on a Friday hands was swallowed up could not work on this day.and was told to come back on Monday. When I was able to get into see him he said it's time for humira shots. And as it looks to him as long as I keep working it will be hard for him to keep the rheumatoid arthritis under control. Now what do I do for my family. How can I tell them that they can no longer keep depending on me.to keep the house the food on the table. Humm I say we don't quit no we keep on fighting. Thank you for reading this. Needless to say I am not the only man facing this

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  • Hi it comes to us all I had to retire medically in July after struggling at work for the last couple off years fortunately I have my works pension and my wife works partime but it has made a big difference to me as I don't have that worry now and can pace myself better, hope things work out for you ok

  • I am glad to hear that it has helped you out. But I am only 52 and always have provided for my family. But if I am forced to leave my job then rheumatoid arthritis wins and I lost

  • Yes I know what you mean I'm only 51 but I'm afraid the work was too much, I'm on a Bisomar now (Benepali) which is helping a lot and I'm managing fitness classes now which I couldn't do before but still get pain and a lot off fatigue so just try to pace myself and rest a lot

  • Amen .could not have said it better

  • You may find that Humira will control your RA enough that you will be able to continue working. Give it a chance and don't make any decisions until you know whether or not it works for you. When I was on it, I was almost back to normal with just mornings being a bit awkward. Clemmie

  • Thank you .I am waiting on the shots to come in

  • Once you get on Humira, or another Biologic, you might find your RA improves and you can continue working. My rheumatologist told me last week, if I had been given biologics 46 years ago, my joints wouldn't be in the poor state they are now. Even so, I managed 22 years doing sedentary work. Hopefully for you, its not as black and white as you imagine and the new drugs will keep you working.

  • iv never heard of these it seams everything I'm out on make me ill x

  • Yes - many, many people are in the same place, and I truly think the expectation is harder on men to be the providers. Even when I made 3 times what my husband made, his was the "main paycheck" for some reason. Then when I could no longer work, I was grateful that he looked at it that way.

    I'm so sorry you are in this position. Please talk with your partner and try to work out the alternate arrangements, like PIP or whatever is available. Peace and gentle hugs...

  • Thank you for your reply . but just knowing that the woman who has this ra and trying to help their spouse to make it from pay check to pay check. Then trying to find the right time just to get off their feet to rest . My hart goes out to all that has this ra .just wish they had a cure for all of us. But because they don't we unfortunately have to keep fighting and hoping for the right treatment. May God bless you and yours in the new years and many more to come.

  • Thank Hurtalot - You and yours too

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