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Just back from Respiratory consultation and they have agreed for me to start Biological treatment because of my RA, As it so happened I was in so much pain this morning I could not do simple breathing tests and it made their decision easier and they highlighted the severe risks and possible Lung infections but have stressed the my Lungs will be monitored at all times at the start hopefully it won't be long just waiting on a phone call. Mattcass

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  • Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hope they work for you Matt. x

  • That's great news Matt. I hope it makes all the difference for you.

  • Good news, hope you find they work for you and start to feel the benefits soon.


  • Good news! Hope all goes well for you. At least now you have a way forward.

    M x

  • Great news. You must be so relieved. Wishing you all the best with your new medication. Angela.

  • Really hope they work so that you can get some relief ☺x

  • Have they told you which one yet Matt? Whichever it is, I hope it works. xx

  • Good news, good luck x

  • Fabulous new heres hoping it works well xx

  • Really hope they work for you Matt x

  • Glad you are getting the treatment you need. Hope the meds do the trick!

  • I have to get several tests to decide what meds I get in case i get a chest infection.matt

  • Brilliant MC really chuffed at last they are gonna help you, it's been too long coming xx

  • Beauty!!!! So glad you have had some positive, sort of, news. I hope they can progress this quickly for you so you can feel some relief.

  • Good news Matt, I hope you get the right one first time, I had a lot of fears going on Anti Tnf, but all of them were unfounded, plus the weekly monitoring helps, good luck with it all and I hope you are better soon

  • Hi Mattcass,

    Great news that you have been offered the Biologic treatment. NRAS has a publication on biologics which you can download or request by post here: or the NRAS Helpline team also have lots of information on the individual Biologic drugs once your team have chosen the right one for you.

    Wishing you all the best for your new treatment.

    Emma - NRAS

  • Hope it's as successful as mine. Good luck.

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