happy new year????

hi everyone hope you all had a pain free xmas & new year. cant wait to start me meds on 14th january seems like everything is hurting just to prove the point that i have ra lol. just wanted to no when i start leflunomide will i be given anymore medication? ive seen on here that some get quite a lot of different types of meds it can seem quite scary, have now got pain in my right wrist as well as left knee and both ankles feeling fed up, started back to work on saturday part time but im feeling shattered already hope everyone has a good day :) michelle x

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  • Hi Michelle, glad u getting on your meds and that should make a difference to ou pain. It depends on your doctor nd how you feel. As it takes a few weeks for the drug to get in you system some doctors will give steroids to calm down your inflammation until the Leflunomide kicks in. O they may give you painkillers. As even with the drugs you can still get some bits of pain or discomfort I would discuss pain relief with them on this visit as well and have a chat about "coping" on a day to day basis. You might also want to ask to see the occupational therapist as you can get wrist guards that really help your sore wrists, these take a while to see so it's worth applying sooner than later du to th waiting lists. Hope it all goes well and a happy and healthy new year to you. Love Axx

  • Hi Michelle, I know that some people on here are on Leflunomide and also Sulfasalazine, I am on Methorexate, Hydroxy, and folic acid, I am new to all this as you know, But i believe that people go on this if the methorexate etc gives them side affects, are you taking any pain killers at all? I think if you are still feeling low, You should go back to your GP and see if she or he can sign you of until you start your meds, I've been of since July, So i know what you are going throw, Didn't think then that in 5 months time that i would be feeling as good as i am, And it has got a lot to do with not worrying about work, And giving the meds time to work, I don't know if the Meds you are going on give you quicker results than mine, But i am sure that your friends on here can help you with that, Really hope you are feeling better soon.

    Take care xx

  • thanks im still only on paracetemol! tried co codemol but had side affects but doctor pretty much said wait and see what happens at rheumy was hoping i would get something stronger im sick of hearing myself moaning all time, ive gone back to work in the hope of trying to get some normalitity to my life again, will see how long i can last have a couple of weeks holiday coming up( the week my meds start) so will see how it all goes. thanks for answering guys it makes a difference knowing this site is here :) michelle x

  • You still have 10 days to go thou before you see your Rheumy, There is other painkillers they can try you on ,Chemar, if it get to bad Demand something, I am on Tramadol and that really worked for me, I don't know what i would of done with out them, I was on them for at least 2 and a half months including paracetamol and Amitripline before i see my rheumy...I am still on them now, not as many, but i could never of put up with that pain and also work, You take care and if it get worse, get your self up to your GP, Your the one in the pain not them...Shirley xx

  • Hi Michelle,so,sorry you are on pain :((( ive overdone things too and my ankles are very sore again,as haven't done the reign thing by pacing myself,but been out and about since Xmas eve !! My body is now yelling at me to chill down.im only on mtx on week 15,was doing very well,but getting niggly aches and pains back,I, sure its overdoing it but if I continue to have pain they are going to increase my mtx slightly.i don't mind as want this under control.try not to do too much,that's the advice I would like to give you,pace pace pace yourself please.ive learnt the hard way,I thought I was completely better,apart from the odd ache or niggle here,but after being out every day or night since Xmas eve,I'm bushed !!!! My ankles first thing are very sore again,and my left thumb is tight Nd sore,and I think its all my own fault now for not listening and not pacing myself.not long before you start ur meds,and fingers crossed younwill be feeling better very soon :))) lots of love Michelle xxx

  • We don't know the details of your medical history, so hard to tell as there's a lot of variation. However, your rheumy will have made a judgement about how active your RA is based on you symptoms and blood results and so on, and from that will propose what they think is the best mix for you. There's a balance to find between giving you the smallest amount of meds that will control your RA, and hitting the €$¥<*+ hard with lots of drugs to make sure it is beaten down. So may just be given Leflunomide, or may also be offered other disease modifying drugs too (DMARDS).

    But whatever happens, do make sure that you also get other drugs if you need to manage the pain (such as co-codomal) and the inflammation (NSAIDS, or a steroid jab). So if things are really hurting make sure you tell them very clearly as sometimes the doctors/nurses forgot to ask. Hope it works v quick for you. Polly

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