Hi everyone

Just received the outcome of my assesment on 28th September and I am absolutely fuming. They have decided to drop my standard mobility all together and just pay standard daily . Considering I am worse than I was two years ago having to finish work and sell my home is bad enough and then this. Just more stress to deal with !

Is it worth appealing ?

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  • Yes. Keep appealing. When you appeal they have to carry on paying you the full amount until late they have decided if you are entitled to it or not. Organisation called dial should be able to assist and give advice

  • Thanks so much for your advice. I will try and see what happens.

  • Grrr not another 1! Im so sorry, Yes u have to appeal. Hopefully the assessment notes will give u some idea.

  • It is only worth appealing if you really believe you do meet the new criteria. The problem with transferring from DLA to PIP is that the criteria are totally different, so there will be some winners (who meet the new criteria but didn't meet the old) and some losers (who don't meet the new criteria but did meet the old). The big thing that seems to be changing decisions is the new mobility rule (dropping the walking distance down much lower than it was before) which does mean that many people no longer meet the mobility criteria even though their disability is the same or even worse.

    There are of course people who do meet the criteria but have been turned down because the assessor didn't take everything into account, or somehow misinterpreted your disability needs, or just plain got it totally wrong - in that case it definitely is worth appealing. Get a copy of the decision and any other document available from DWP, go through it with a fine tooth comb, and then make your decision about whether it is worth appealing or not.

  • Thanks for your reply. I was awarded both in 2014 when I wasn't as bad as I am now so I don't see how they can drop that part of my claim. I've never been on DLA so I can't comment on it. The interview it's self was very uncomfortable with two so called health care professionals

    I don't think I explained myself very well on the day as I found it very stressful but I am going to appeal.

  • Aw, sorry to hear that. Yes, do appeal! So many of these decisions reversed at appeal.

    Good luck xx

  • Definately! I got my member of parliament involved and got more supporting evidence from my GP and consultant.

    Unfortunately the stress makes all of the above even harder to carry out but keep going and tell them everything you disagree with and why their conclusions are incorrect.

    Good luck!

  • You need to visit the forum website 'patient'. There you will see loads of folk in similar position as you and the advice is spot on. Give it a go, you've nothing lose. Good luck.

  • Look on the Benefits & Work website to check the criteria for PIP.

  • I'm sorry Trish, it's enough to go through the assessment (twice now for you) but if you're in a worse place now than you were on your first assessment do ask for mandatory reconsideration, sooner rather than later. Request a copy of the report & take your time going through it noting down any inconsistencies so you can form a response, particularly the mobility section. Good luck, keep us updated.

  • Thanks so much for your advice. I'm feeling very depressed at the moment and didn't sleep at all last night. The whole experience was a nightmare and I was so nervous I couldn't get my point across. I felt so intimidated with two of them in the room with me.

  • Aw, I'm sorry it's affecting you like that. It makes you just want to give up but please at least ask for a copy of the report, reading through it you might get the wherewithal to take this next step. Take care & I hope you have a better night. x

  • Sorry to hear this.

    I too was knocked down to the standard rate. To be fair, although I am in great pain when I walk, I can still walk without the aid of a stick most of the time. This will change when the weather gets bad.

    I have to say that the gumph they sent stipulating what I was entitled to and why, was a complete load of cobblers! It made zero sense. They continually contradicted themselves. If I had the energy to fight it I would, but to be honest I just don't have the strength. I now have to face another humiliating interview for ESA. I am pleased to be at least getting something.

    PIP is much harsher in many respects than the old system. They are really bad for MH issues, as I have found to my cost. If you have the energy to fight it, do so, but seek advise from a benefits advocate.

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