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Chipper? Chip-aaaahh!!

Since my last "blog" I have calmed down and got a little perspective. It's not the end of the world (that's a little later apparently haha) but it IS a difficult time. Regardless of my woes and worries there are people out there far worse off than me and others just as scared but braver! I just have to deal with this the only way i can...with a sense of humour(?).

So, how does my leg feel today? Tight! What does it look like today? Well, imagine if you will, a Doner Kebab fresh on a vertical spit, add at the bottom kankles and Patrick the Pink Starfish from Spongebob Squarepants holding varying lengths of chipolatas and that's what i am now seeing!

I also have horrible looking bruising to my inner thigh that creeps around the back behind me knee and peeking out the other side. Ouch doesn't really come close to the pain but i am treating it like i do my RA. I accept that it's there and i will just deal with it accordingly....i'll ignore the pain and give it time and (LOTS) of medication =)

My scar/wound/hip is sore too. Exercise seems to be a problem =( i try to do what i have been advised by the physio-terrorists but it is rather painful. I do fear that while i have DVT it is going to complicate my recovery and i will not heal as i should. When i go for my talk about the Warfarin on Thursday i shall ask them Pharmacist about this and hopefully i'll get a chance to talk to a physio about it too. I'm not the first to have had this happen to, and i won't be the last. We all know that.

So today I am just watching films, going on facebook and thinking about what the new year ahead will have instore for me. One thing i know for certain....it will NEVER be like this year haha

I will end this with another thank you to all that have been kind enough to pass on their "cyber hugs" and well wishes and understandings. I joined this site a while ago and only wrote on it once. I aim to rectify that and try to help people as much as your good selves are helping me =)

Thank you all

Martyn =)

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Its not much fun when things don't go quite according to plan is it. Sending hugs and good wishes for a speedy recover.xx


glad you are feeling more positive today ive just had knee replacement followed by large flare it slows recovery but you will get there take it slow and steady my physio understood that i could not do what they expected but checked up on me after a few weeks i was doing better on my own I would do all the execises they gave me but would take all day rather than the hour they would have spent with me worked fine so keep your chin up and take it steady



Hiya, we can recover together! I just has a spinal op two weeks ago, having lots of trouble with the wound , pain, swelling, bad rash. So gonna call the doc....again! Think he will be sick of me lol Axx


I wish you Martyn and you Allanah n Lizz...a speedy recovery and a completely fabulous NewYear!! Claire xx


For goodness sake don't beat yourself up for have a down day and needing to offload - that's what we're here for and we've all had days like that. Yes, when another day dawns and we get a little perspective back, we realise there are always people worse off but there are an awful lot better off and you have a right to your emotions, whatever they may be. Glad the sense of humour is returning to see you through - what a beautiful picture you paint re the poor leg! Is laughing at someone's misfortune while feeling deeply sympathetic OK - do the two cancel each other out so you're not too awful a person? Hope it all starts settling down soon and your spirits continue to rise x


Love the dark humour Martyn - that will get you through the hellish time you're obviously having I hope. I love a man with humour so you can always rely in some cyber flirting to while away the painful hours ;-). Take care and stay around - more from you Allanah too please while you both convalesce Xxx


I was so pleased to hear you say that about pain. People who don't have long-term pain don't understand how you HAVE to learn to ignore the pain (once you know what's causing it) and get on with things - or we would never do anything. But it's still frightening when you get unexpected pain!

Just keep it moving however small the movements.


Glad you're feeling 'chipper'!!


chipper well done x


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