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Should I be checked more thoroughly?

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Hi, I used to have a lovely rheumatologist who always checked me out thoroughly at each appointment. This included feeling the glands in my neck, having me lay on the bed while she checked out my knees, studying my fingers and nails etc. Sadly she was killed in a motor accident and now I have another doctor. She talks things over but never checks any of the things I have listed above and I don't feel that this is right. My knuckles are getting more deformed and painful and my knees are getting worse but she never even glances at them. She just keeps me on the same medication even though I tell her each time that I am getting worse all the time and the pain is awful. Last time, she gave me a general steroid injection but told me that was that last one she would give me as I have had too many. Having said that, the injection didn't work for me at all.

I would really like to see another rheumatologist at the same hospital but I don't know if this is possible and how I would go about doing that. Have any of you ever done that and do you think that I am not being looked after properly?

10 Replies
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If you would prefer to see another rheumatologist just call the rheumatology appointment line, explain your feelings & they will arrange for you to see somebody else on for your next appointment.

But be were very,very fortunate to have had a previous rheumatologist who took so much time over your consultations....not many consultants have time to do that.

Have you asked your present consultant to look at the joints you are worried about? If you haven’t mentioned anything that is particularly bothering you, she won’t know you are worried.

My rheumatologist doesn’t examine me from head to toe every visit....he just checks what I say is bothering me....& prescribes appropriately.

All doctors have different methods of managing their patients & sadly time restraints often don’t allow an extensive examination every visit.

Why not wait & see how things go when you tell her what you feel needs looking at next time you see her?

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holly-willow in reply to AgedCrone

I think that is what I will have to do for the present AgedCrone. It is so difficult and I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire as they say.

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AgedCrone in reply to holly-willow

I’m sure if you remember to say if anything in particular is bothering you at your next appointment,the new rheumy will pay attention & sort everything out for you.

Hope everything turns out well for you.

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And do make sure that when you say things are getting worse you give specific examples. Doctors respond to things they recognise as symptoms, and ignore everything else as background chatter. So “My hands feel bad” is meaningless. But I can’t close my fist, or grip anything and get sharp pains in my knuckles when I lift anything is pointing them to what you need looking at.

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Ruth12345 in reply to helixhelix

That is really helpfull to know. Thank you.

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That sounds bad and maybe it was an excuse. I suppose that they don't really like it if you change consultants in the same clinic and I could imagine that anyone doing that might be thought of as a difficult patient. I hope you soon get to see one who is better and more interested in you.

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Although I appreciate the time restraints .. you need to tell your rheumy that your hands and knees are really bad. I always focus on the most urgent matter and then tell my biologics nurse at my infusions the other issues whilst we chat, but if the rheumy is your only conact/clinic/visit then I think you have to say about your deteriorating joints now rather than later. My fingers sustained joint damage quickly as one young Registrar dismissed them a few years back. That is me and I capitulate fast when in flare. Show her the knees and knuckles I say. Good luck. x

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Try change your doctor, mine was the other way to yours until I got a new one, she sorted me out and still doing it

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I was due my yearly check up in March still no appointment- when I ring they say they haven't appointed a Consultant so I must just wait

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holly-willow in reply to KathleenMary

Hi, it is like that with me. I haven't seen the consultant since January and my next appointment is in October. It seems such a long time inbetween.

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