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Back into wifi world again

Hi everyone

I haven't had the chance yet to look at missed blogs so I hope you are all hail and hearty!

Here I am, 10 days after my op and I've finally managed to get my hands on a computer. Operation went well I think (well I'm alive which is a plus) and the dear consultant also straightened up my big toe which wasn't on the agenda until I begged him that morning.

Tilda and Feather - I've got SO Many character observations to report, it should keep me busy for a while. Thank you for mentioning it to me. It really made a difference to the whole experience.

I have just arrived at my 'worst case senario' which is a residential home for the elderly where I shall remain until I'm able to weight-bear - by which time I will hopefully have got used to the smell of stale urine on my wheelchair cushion.

The staff are absolutely fabulous though and very mindful of my relative youth. (haha) At the moment I am sitting by my window which, due to health and safety, can only open 2 cm. Nonetheless, it is plenty wide enough to hear the music from the fete which is being held today. I am typing this to the accompaniment of 'Donal where's your trousers' and 'Daisy, Daisy'...........my cup runneth over!

I'll go into a little more detail about the op and recovery etc on another blog for those of you who are waiting for surgery and may be interested to hear about it.

It is surprisingly tiring doing nothing but on the plus side, a self-propelling wheelchair will do wonders for my bingo wings and 'elderly residents' meal portions should help me drop those pounds.

Gosh, this site with you fellow bloggers has really winkled it's way into my life. Thank you for all your kind messages.


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Hi Judy

Welcome back! :D

Glad that the op went well and I hope you recover quickly.

Seems that you are going to terrorise your fellow residents soon, so go easy on them lol

Can't wait for the next update,

Take care hun

Joanne x


Judy, so glad your back in the world of us living. YOu have been missed. Glad everything went well for you. Which hospital were you in? Old peoples homes are horrid aren't they, i was a cleaner in one some years back so i know what your talking about. The stories i could tell!!

Well i am glad your back with us judy. Love Sylvi.xxx


Hello there!

How good to hear your voice again! I've got a feeling this is going to be a somewhat surreal time for you but I so hope there are compensations. Probably the thing that would terrify me most would be the entertainment but I bet there are some wonderful people there somewhere.

How long till you should be able to weight bear? Glad the operation went well. But reading between the lines sounds like you don't know yet or perhaps that the recovery period is a tad demanding!

Look forward to hearing more, hope recovery goes smoothly & that the food is good.

Christina xx


Hello Judy

So glad your back again and recovering from surgery.

All be it in residential care.

I've blogged a few poems since you had you surgery.

Maybe a special one just for you.

Creaky had her leg done

It really was quite sore

She asked her lovely surgeon

If he could do one more

Because you are special

And never rave nor rant

I'd always say I will

Even if I can't

The moral of the story

Is always do your best

Then when you need a favour

You don't get called a pest

So you have done your duty

Now you're reaping what you sow

So I'm proud of you my friend

Now it's time for me to go.

Lots of love Carole

Ps no wheel spins in the corridors now :-)


OMG.....I really, really hope that retirement homes have moved on by the time I get to that point. Just start planning the first meal you get to cook when you get home - maybe spicy and chewy with not a drop of custard anywhere perhaps? I hope time goes quickly and you heal extra quick. Pollyx


when my Mum's legs got too weak, she went into a lovely home. It was for people with all their faculties and didn't smell!

It was peaceful but lots going on if they chose to join in.

you'll have your own room, friends can visit, make it like home,

rest, relax.and recover!




just thought, for me to make it like home someone would have to go in and untidy it!


Hi Judy

So glad the op is over and your ankle is well and truly fused. You get up on those feet and get out of the care home and back to your wonderful wi fi blogs asap. !!

Take care and let us know how u are doing, and be the most arrogant, naughty and badly behaved lady in the recuperation home,:) and when u r well enough drink gin and wear purple!!!!! lots of love and sending you big hugs :)

"let the wind blow high" or take the tablets for it ha ha xx



Sounds as though you'll have a massive incentive to do the exercises. I was put on an adult ward at age of 8 many years ago after an op and I recommend radio 4 to take you out of yourself. Or audiobooks/ podcasts. Good luck and hope you improve soon



Hi Judy welcome back to the cyber fold! So glad you've survived and have let us know -I was wondering away about you. As you probably know my husband works in one such place and whenever my choir go there or other nursing homes I always tell fellow singers to watch where they sit - but at least your wheelchair is dry and yours only for the time being. Hubby once (in his junior care worker days) sat down on what is known as "the hot seat" in the main lobby to chat to a resident. Within a few seconds he felt this lovely warmth riding up his backside, within 30 seconds he was up again but too late his trousers weeds soaked through with pee - and he just had to blow dry them and spend the rest of the lobg shift ahead getting wafts as he rushed about doing his job! Never sit down without checking first is the rule.

As you've said it's an excellent opportunity to do some intensive people watching and escape in between times with radio 4 or a good read. I have asked my OH if people in his place listen to the radio as my late mum would have done 24/7 if she'd made it that long - but he says no one does. I think they've mostly got altsheimers though and those few that don't are usually in your situation so the staff love it because they actually get some intelligent conversation. So you will be popular with everyone as the temporary lungfull of fresh air there - how lucky they are to have you! Tilda xxxx Xxxx


Well done Judy for keeping on keeping on, Guess we could all enjoy the 'Archers' of your home, can't wait for next installment.



Glad to hear your back, and good to hear from you. Look forward to hearing your next installment.


I've asked my friend who works as a supply care assistant in many homes in my area. she said you'll probably be in an active mind unit like y Mum was. she said the poor people with alzheimers [sp?] are on different units.




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